Zombie Panic Source Gameplay Video

Hail zombie hunters!

A bit of gameplay from Zombie Panic Source. The first map is an objective style map called zpo_harvest. In harvest the survivors start in a farm-house, where at first they have to survive for as long as possible. After some time they proceed to the basement where they have to blast a passage underground to the next-door barn. Once there, find a key, start the generator and call for help via radio. After more defending, switch on the lights and flee to the APC/Truck waiting outside! Not as easy as it sounds.

The other map is zps_policestation. Unlike in Objective maps, Survival maps expect you to kill off all the zombies, or survive for a certain amount of time. Every killed survivor turns into a zombie and adds one respawn to the zombie pool. Survivors have to be smart, conserve ammo and quickly bolt themselves in somewhere. In the case of the Police Station, it’s hard to find a perfectly safe spot.

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