Youtube: The Next Gaming Trendsetter

There are numerous ways to discover “underground” or perhaps mildly underrated games throughout the web–many sites are available for potential players to find their next pixellated adventure. In addition to the wonderful vastness of the internet, social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, are frequented by hundreds upon hundreds, acting as the perfect hotspot for the next forthcoming title.

What I’ve found in the past month is that youtube has become rather popular in the videogame department, filled with diverse offerings of videos to please a universal gaming community. I, curious enough, stumbled upon a game I wasn’t too familiar with, a terrifying, though insanely plain staple most people now recognize immediately: Slender. It may be hard to believe, but, after watching Pewdiepie’s dramatic playthrough some four weeks ago, who can deny the amount of popularity the game has garnered? Should this sudden recognition be attributed to youtube and those who lay its creative foundation? I’d say yes!

Meme of the mysterious creature Slenderman

Slenderman has his own meme?


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