WriterX’s Top 10 Weapons of Gaming

What makes a good weapon? The size of its muzzle flash? It’s murderous efficiency? Maybe just its looks? Some weapons become icons of the video game they are associated with. Other times they simply become popular because of their “feel”. Sometimes, we can’t tell why we like a weapon! We enjoy using it, and there is no secret behind it. In this article I would wish to present my list of Top 10 weapons from different Video Games, including (when possible) the reasons for their distinction on my list.

My Top 10 Weapons of Gaming

10. Tommy Gun – Various Video Games

Mafia II

It just wouldn’t be the same without the Tommy Gun.

The Tommy Gun is in fact a Thompson M1921 with a Drum magazine and long rifle stock. Although the different Mafias and Gangsters might have had access to far more powerful or smaller weapons the Tommy Gun became an icon of the 20s-40s Gangsters in the USA. Can you blame it? In Mafia 2 I could not imagine Tommy running through the street in his long raincoat and fedora without the Tommy Gun spitting lead at his foes. It contains elegance, deadly firepower and very good ammo capacity. It’s versatile and powerful. Might be hard to hide in the middle of the street, but that’s the reason you carry the rain coat on you.

9. Great axe – Various Video Games

Warhammer: Fantasy

A brutal killer needs an equally brutal weapon. Axes are such weapons.

A Fantasy setting without a Great axe? Please… Of course, most settings offer a far wider selection of weapons. Some of these weapons will be definitely more powerful. Why the Great axe? It is intimidating. If you see a guy with a Great sword, and a guy with a Great axe, the Axe will strike far more fear in you. They have a rightful reputation of being brutal weapons. Very well suited to attack, rather than defend. No shield will stop an axe, or door for that matter. While the pansy knights ride about on their horses brandishing swords, you will cleave them in half with your axe!

8. Machete – Various Video Games


When you need a Machete, why stick to only a single one?

Zombie Apocalypse? Dense Jungle? Both? Machete is your answer. It’s a crude weapon to kill your opponents with, but in Video Games incredibly effective. Far Cry 2 used the Machete as the only melee weapon available to the player, and I loved it. A lot of different zombie games also use the machete to chop zombies with, and they are usually mildly decent. A polished and sharp machete does not only look good by your side, but should (theoretically) intimidate anybody foolish enough to challenge you. Unless… they have a gun.

7. Molotov Cocktail – Various Video Games

Call of Duty: World at War

“Burn them out!”

The Molotov Cocktail came with tanks in mind, but it has many other uses. Chucking it inside a wooden building will result in a wonderful bonfire. Not mentioning its effects on any dry grass, or if you directly hit an enemy. It’s a terrifying weapon. Lighting somebody up, or a group of foes is scary, but incredibly effective. You have to choose between your humanity and brutal efficiency. Just make sure you use something flammable.

6. Remington 870 – Various Video Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

It’s the shotgun that appears in numerous Military and Zombie Apocalypse games. Although the exact strength and ammo capacity of the Remington changes a bit from game to game (the model of the shotgun could differ) the Remington always has that same elegance. There might be faster or more powerful shotguns, but I found the Remington to have that class a lot of the other shotguns lack. Of course, the need to reload is problematic, but there is some incredible satisfaction coming from the use of this weapon. As such, in my book, it most definitely deserves 6th place.

5. Stake Gun – Painkiller


… where do I keep all the extra ammo?

Are you honestly asking, why do I consider a gun which stakes people to walls one of the best weapons in Video Games? Painkiller had many great weapons, but the Stake Gun spoke out to me the loudest. The fact that it could also fire explosive grenades added to the carnage this weapon caused. There were perhaps one too many moments when I appreciate my incredible accuracy and  how some poor monstrosity was impaled to a wall, or flailing around with a huge piece of wood stuck in its body. There is most certainly no other weapon like this.

4. Colt 1911 – Various Video Games

Colt 1911

It might not have laser sights, or extended clips, but it’s the weapon of a true collector. Source: 3D Synthesis

A pistol which, like a lot of the other weapons mentioned here, has class, backed up with quality firepower. The Colt 1911 appears in countless different genres. Perhaps it is not the most modern weapon, but it is most certainly as popular as some Revolvers or more commonly known pistols. The Colt 1911 tends to appear in either silver or black. Whichever the case, if I had to pick one sidearm to go into any combat situation with, it would be the Colt 1911.

3. AK-47 – Various Video Games

Far Cry 2

When life throws you into a Safari, full of blood thirsty mercenaries, you need only two weapons. The Machete and the AK-47.

The AK-47 has been produced all over the world, so its quality varies. In the end though, it’s a durable and deadly weapon, with wild recoil and low accuracy. There is something about it though that makes me reach for it, when I have the chance. Perhaps it’s the fact that it does plenty of damage. Maybe it’s because it can be usually easily found. Maybe it’s just because it has become such an iconic weapon that I simply have to use it, when I have the opportunity.

2. Anti-Materiel Rifle – Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas

A weapon which does not only kills with its bullets, but also with its looks.

What’s deadlier than a Deathclaw? A skilled Sniper with an Anti-Materiel Rifle. There are many Sniper Rifles that I appreciate for their accuracy and deadly firepower, but the Anti-Materiel tops everything. I recall moments in New Vegas when the Anti-Materiel Rifle, with the use of correct perks, could take out a fully armored foe, with a single well placed shot. It is clearly not a weapon for close encounters, but anything that ends up in your scope will be most certainly dead. Sniper shades are compulsory.

1. Auto Shotgun with Bayonet – Metro 2033

Metro 2033

Deadly, powerful, badass.

A shotgun with a bayonet? Seems like a perfectly sensible choice. In Metro 2033 this mix is simply magnificent. Fire off buckshot into something that is in front of you. If it is still standing slam your bayonet into its head. Whenever I saw this weapon used by other characters I wanted to steal it off them. When I finally got my hands on it I did not want to stop using it. Of course, its major flaw is its ammo capacity and painfully slow reload. On the other hand, against small groups or single enemies it is the perfect weapon. Fire until you hear the click, then charge in and get even more dirty. It is my weapon number one. I always wish for every single game to have an equivalent of this shotgun, or any shotgun with a bayonet. It’s my personal symbol of close combat. Brutal firepower up close, with an equally brutal blade.

Edit: Even though we have a Flamethrower with a Chainsaw in Primal Carnage (!) I still consider the Auto-Shotgun with the Bayonet to be a very good CQC weapon.

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  2. SubNero says:

    i created an account just to say how terrible this list is. this person does not play video games.

    • WriterX says:

      Well, the list is my own Opinion. Sure, the list is a bit old, and there have been numerous different weapons popping up, such as the wide variety of whacky weapons in Dead Rising, the different Bladed weapons in Warframe, the Bow in… how many different games? Fact is, these are the weapons that left an impression on myself. While I know that you can make a Moose Head helmet in Dead Rising 2 I do not remember it as fondly as the Shotgun/Bayonet from Metro 2033, or (at this point in time) or the Manticore from Guns of Icarus Online… I know, a lot of people think fondly of the Pulse Rifle from Aliens or the “Chainsaw Gun” from Gears of War but they simply did not make it to my own Top 10 List.

      • OHMEGA says:

        It just seemed…. lazy.

      • Delta says:

        I love how people think that saying something is there opinion makes it immune to criticism
        Granted youre opinion is you’re own it has to be professional
        With that said there cant be nearly 50 weapons that the majority agree are better than the ones you picked
        That makes you’re opinion invalid to anyone who cares

    • Fanatyk says:

      Interesting… Especially since this website doesn’t allow creating any accounts ;-)

  3. Delta says:

    You would have to make a larger list to avoid people complaining
    Wether or not its youre favorite game energy sword from halo would have to be on there
    Rockets maybe from various
    Sniper rifles, pocket knifes, artillery strikes, just more

  4. This list is complete crap.

  5. TheFran says:

    Seriously no BFG?

  6. jared says:

    need to have plazmids from bioshock, and portal gun (although the portal gun really isn’t a weapon i kind of is :/)

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