Write for AlterGamer!

So, you think you can write…

And you think you know, what AlterGamer means. In that case: contact us and write for us. We are always happy to recruit some new members for our team.

Write us a couple of sentences about yourself. Why you think you suit this website in particular? What do you like in gaming? What would you like to write? Send us a short piece of your writing (1-2 pages), or give us a link to any of your previous articles on other websites. Contact us using the e-mail below. Do not include any of your texts, you will send it when we get back to you via e-mail.

Our e-mail: admin@altergamer.com

What do we want from you?

Well, we want quality work – and we are willing to help you with that! All your articles will be checked by an editor, and we will give you our suggestions before posting. You will learn a lot about publishing on world wide web, promise! And if you ever have questions – let us know.

In terms of the subject: write about anything you want. We want you to write stuff, that you like – and that fits the idea of this website. We want to be challenging in a way, witty, and provide insights you can’t find elsewhere. We have articles on psychology and business in games – games reflect reality, so why not investigate how reality relates to games? But we also simply write about the games we like. If you love it, write about it. That’s all we want. Have as much fun as you can, with as little pressure, as possible.

What do we give in return?

First of all, we are nice guys – you will never be mobbed in any way. We always take your opinion into account. You also get a chance to get to know some nice people here, who are passionate about lots of stuff, not just gaming! And gaming itself? It’s not just grinding for us, we are looking for something more.

We are also dedicated to promoting the website in a number of ways. You write, we do all the technical work for you. And trust me, this is almost a full-time job, if you want to do it properly.

What does AlterGamer mean?

Games can be art, they can also teach you a lot and show you things you would have never thought of. I have learned to fly a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator and learned to drift in a rally car playing Richard Burns Rally – real life rallying was much simpler for me after that!

Games can stir your emotions, but simply destroying everything is fun – from time to time. Let’s not forget about it. But in the long term? It’s kinda boring.

Oh, shut up – I just want your cash!

Well, in that case you won’t be satisfied – you’re not the kind of person we are looking for. But we do aim to compensate our writers. The idea is that you get 60% of what your articles earn. We do that by a simple and clever calculation based on Google Analytics – the best online analytics tool out there! We take total earnings of the website, divide them by total pageviews of the website and then multiply by “your” pageviews. The remaining 40% goes to the editor, the webmaster and to pay the rent for our little penthouse in the internet. I’d say it’s quite a decent deal.

Once a month, if your earnings are above 5 GBP, we will send you the cash via paypal.

How often do you want me to write?

As long as you write for us at least one article per month – we are happy. If you write one article per 3 months, we are not that happy – but we do get over it. But if you don’t write at least one article in 3 months, we may decide to close the deal. In that case you won’t get any further earnings from your articles, but you will get all the earnings you had, even if they are below the 5 GBP threshold. Of course, we are the good cops, and if you contact us in advance and discuss the matter, a longer break is acceptable. Fancy a 6 month trip to Cambodia? Hell yeah, send us some photos!

Similarly, we might decide that we do not fit each other. In that case: no hard feelings, we will keep sending you payments as if you were still writing for us for 6 more months, and we will help you with finding a new website or give you some references if you are looking for a writing job. Your published articles will stay with us, as is normal practice in such cases.

However, at this point it is necessary to mention that our income is almost negligible. Treat the above as a promise for future, but at the moment it’s mostly voluntary work. Let’s see where it goes – if we succeed, you succeed, guaranteed! Hopes are high, as our traffic is increasing by 30% each week.

Guest posts

We are always open to exchange of guest posts. Please contact our editor (e-mail above) to arrange the details. We are usually looking for 500+ words post.