World of Warplanes Closed Beta Announced

Great news for anybody who enjoys the skies in a bomber or fighter. World of Warplanes announced a Closed Beta today. According to the official article, after the 31st of May more people are to be recruited into testing, with a higher priority put on those who were not yet “hired”.

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is what some would consider World of Tanks, except you have planes, and not tanks. Fighting in the skies was in some ways far trickier than fighting on the ground. You had to take into account altitude, the position of the sun, the enemies’ own blind spots, and much more. In their own way, land battles are also complex, since you have to think about flanking, surprise attacks and outmaneuvering your enemy. As such, in both cases, we are certain to face challenging tactical situations. With a similar “arcade” feel that World of Tanks offers, I am certain a lot of people who did not play Warplane style games before will find themselves content with WoWp.

I would want to tell you what to expect, once you try to sign up for the Beta, but I have been waiting a long time myself. The gameplay videos so far have been highly promising, and although, just like WoT, WoWp also has its own selection of “Futuristic” planes, I do not mind. After all, it’s going to be a challenge to shoot down a jet with your sluggish plane. When you think about it, although technology plays an important role, your spacial sense and quick thinking will also greatly pay off.

Sign up for the Alpha/Beta if you did not already, (make sure you use the correct site) or stay tuned for more news on World of Warplanes. As soon as I can (legitimately) provide you with some juicy details, I shall do so. For the time being, I have some Warplane fighting theory to read up on.

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