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In case you are still stuck in your tanks, has been working on World of Warplanes for some time already (for at least the past year, since the announcement about WoW appeared in June 2011, and information on pre-alpha testing was already published in August 2011). Their Alpha testing is still in progress, but once in a while we have a chance to see some of their work “Come to life”. In this case, a Teaser video showing some in-game footage and a small gallery of “Pics”, featuring different fighter planes.

As stated in the original news post:

“Fighters will be available for all nations currently featured in World of Warplanes—the U.S., Germany and the Soviet Union—and will be represented by the most famous warplane models, including the P-51 Mustang, P-39 Airacobra, La-5, and Bf 109.

Just like their real-life prototypes, Fighters in World of Warplanes will be best at performing offensive reconnaissance, engaging in close one-on-one dogfights and effective attacking in groups of two or three.”

You can try signing up for the Alpha on the main World of Warplanes site. Do not be disheartened if you do not get in immediately. The line is long, but remembering how huge a success the World of Tanks Open Beta produced we should expect one from WoW as well.

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  1. Erica says:

    Hmm i am shocked.. i realy am Heya. I have peylad beta from septemper, i started the day we did get softwipe, thou i didnt get any extra gold. I have now peylad 6800 battles and counting up . I love the game and will pay dearly 20$ per month (2500g for prem and at start exp transfer, later gold ammo for critical fights in clan wars). Every 1, i mean Every 1 had to read EULA and rules when signed to BETA. Every one did know that we loose ALL tanks, gold etc when it goes live. Every 1 knowed that when they pushed i agree . so no more about that.Artys.. Hmm.. pain in the.. but makes game interesting. You have to advance whit carefull, cant rush over open, have to count seconds (30 sec reload most heavy artys) to advance and best frend if you need to trow out campers in enemy base. I was against artys somewhere 2000-4000k games, but then i took spoon to my hand and started to lvl up arty of my own and.. its not easy! Random battles mostly random ppl leave artys uncovered and they are easy targets to sneaky scout. 1 Thing i would like to change on artys. Give em 20 meter blast radius, but make em rely own ppl given coordinates, like they were in real life, mayby even old fashion howitzer aimer, just meters and arty shooter have to decide the aiming etc. would make it look nice and could give respect from tank players to artys that know what theyr doing.Spotting system is not working (Line of Sight, LOS). It has bugs atm, not many but some bad 1s, i know you guys are gonna fix it. That is only 1 factor that makes T-54 leathal, cause its low height, like TDs.Over all.. You like tanks, you like meet ppl who likes tanks and/or just have a blast in game, I recomend WoT. Its BETA, so its not fair to complain too much the errors it has, but for BETA i have seen, definetly 1 of the best. I am not Tank person, i dont know much about em, but in game i have learned alot.-Its a game, games are for fun -Tank is only as good as its driver, never betterBut i hope this game realy last 5-8 years, so i have spare time to use something I wish luck to Dev team and moderatorsYours : Higlander1337

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