World of Tanks Update 0.7 At a glance.

I like World of Tanks. Not only because I have the chance to drive some of my favourite tanks, but also because the team behind it keep bringing in new stuff which makes me come back to the title once in a while, and focus a bit more on my tank driving skills. With the newest update some things were added, some changed, but let’s take a look ourself at what did update 0.7 bring us just before Christmas.

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First of all, the thing which mostly tickled my interestwas the camo. A chance to somehow slightly customize your tank, so that your “Elite” tank can have that additional look of awesome to it. At first I assumed camo would look a bit more physical, such as having a few brushes strapped to your hull, or perhaps a Hay-Stack to put onto of your Tiger I. But, what we got is as much fun.

World of Tanks

Although you cannot create your own camo patterns the ones available are still eye catching... wait, that's not what camo is meant to do...

Now in the Garage we have a new tab called Exterior. For now it’s limited to just camo for any of your Tanks, Tank Destroyers or SPGs. There are eight patterns in total. Five “Two Tone” patterns and three “Three Tone”. You have the option of buying the camo out for seven or thirty days, as well as permanently buying it out. For the first two you can pay in credits, the Three Tone camos being twice expensive when compared to the Two Tones. In order to get a permanent paint-job you have to pay in gold, the price varying, depending on the vehicle. You have the chance to see how will the camo look on your tank so no worries about buying blind. Once your tank has camo your team (and the enemy) will see it. Although it does not grant any bonuses I can imagine a certain ammount of joy when your snow camo Tiger is waiting among frost pine trees. So, although purely optional I have seen some people (including myself) already using this feature.

The next thing on the list of changes were the visual effects.I did not pay much attention to them until I did not fire my HE shells. The explosions are much more impressive, and smoke lingers for much longer than previously. I had a situation where I tried to fire at an enemy, point-blank while zoomed in, missing him, and the shot hitting the nearby sand hill causing plenty of confusion. This also means that the muzzle “flares” were reworked a bit, and now feel a bit more genuinely “explosive”. In other words, tank battles look that much more impressive now. I also believe some tanks were reworked (or perhaps I am that blind) but I noticed my VK3601 has a nicer nose than before…

World of Tanks


I wanted to try out both of the new maps, alas after a bit of renewed gameplay with different tanks Fjords did not show up. Swamps on the other hand feels like another “three way” map where you can attack from the flanks or centre. It’s mostly flat, so ideal for Tank Destroyers and Snipers, but the little experience I had with it was enjoyable.

I cannot say how the Complaint System works (never had the need for it) but I trust it is in order… But what did intrigue me was the Replays feature. In the options you can “tick” whether you want the game to record your battles or not. I wasn’t certain what to expect. A feature allowing you to upload your newest battle video on youtube? Unfortunately, no, but it was still as much fun testing it, as I can imagine, sharing it later will be. I made two sample videos to see how well the replay system works, and it’s very simple. You play your battle (or battles) and each one is separately saved in a Replay folder in your WoT folder. When you open it up you have your battles sorted by date, time, tank and map. When you want to watch one of the videos you double click it and the client will open up. After a bit of loading you will have a small set of instructions at the bottom of the screen and you are ready to watch your last battle.

By default the camera will follow your exact moves, but to myself it was a bit choppy, so I opted to watch my tank from different poses allowing myself from ten minutes ago to play through the battle. The battle replays record everything. The names of the players who took part, their tank camos, even all the chat messages are recorded. So it’s not only a useful tool to review your performance, or brag to your friends, but also when you have to slam the door on some troll or griefer. Another strength of the replay system is the size of the files. My ten minute or so battle had a total size of half a megabyte (just over 500 kilobytes). So after a whole day of gameplay you can easily store those replays you treasure most and trash the rest. The one downside which I did find is that you cannot rewind. You can slow down the speed to 1/16th of the normal speed, but you cannot rewind the replay if you missed a part you want to see over and over again. Not that much of an issue when you think about it, but for some re-watching a long replay might be bothersome, if they just want to capture the one moment.

World of Tanks

A glance at the new map. "Swamp", suits it mildly well. Here, you can see me advancing on the left flank. Surprisingly enough we did not meet any opposition untill we reached the enemy's base where a number of Heavies decided to wait.

Among other things, the minimap was reworked a bit. The one feature which I especially like is when an enemy tank is spotted for the first time. Around the square (or triangle) a yellow “halo” will appear, informing you of a new, previously unspotted tank, now being seen. Also, now when you click on the minimap (to alert the team to a zone) the “warning” will last a lot shorter than before. Cutting off spam to a minimum. The player lists in game were reworked a bit, and now during the battle you can easily tell the tanks tiers, without having to remember them all. Useful, since it gives you quick awareness of how well or good your team is doing, or how big a threat you are now facing yourself. A small “fiturette” is that a “photo shutter” like sound will inform you when your gun focuses fully.

Oh, before I forget. There have been some new music tracks added. Some of them better than others (in my opinion) but they all contribute nicely to World of Tanks.

Overall, the Update has brought in some much sought out features, and also reworked some of the old and make it bright and sparkly. The Replay and camo are things I fully appreciate. But among those things that I would really wish to see some time soon, are the French Tanks. In any case, if you did not try World of Tanks yet, perhaps now is the time?

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Pros:A whole lot of fun!
A mix of light-realism with Arcade
Wide choice of tanks and classes
Even more tanks to come!
Cons:Grindy, unfortunately
Still in need of some tweaking
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