World of Tanks Patch 7.2 Qualification Badges

A few brief words about a new piece of info on Patch 7.2 which was released on Friday. After Patch 7.2 is introduced we will be able to obtain Qualification Badges. Remember how you earned medals and heroic status for achievements during  battle? Qualification Badges are a way for you to say with pride “I was awesome in my tank”.

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UPDATE: The release date for the patch is set. Check HERE for details.

The way Qualification Badges work is depending on how much experience you gained during the battle, you might be legible for a badge. Currently, but this might change in the future, there are four levels of these badges available. The Class III, II and I, as well as the Master Driver badge. Which one you get depends on your performance when compared to other tankers over the past seven days.

For example, in order to get the Master Driver badge, you would have to get more experience during a single battle than the top 1% of drivers did on average for the past seven days. As such, if the top 1% earned on average 1,000 xp per battle you will only get a Master Driver badge if you get anything above that result.

You do not lose your badge if you underperform next time. You keep the highest ranking badge you obtained. If you get the Master Driver badge you won’t lose it if you get minimal experience during the next battle. You will only have one of these badges at a time per tank. Oh, and premium does not help you attain better badges. The raw experience amount is what counts.

Another piece of information that was mentioned focused on an entirely different topic. If you gaze upon the stats of your tanks the data present assumed that you crew was at 133% efficiency. After patch 7.2 all values will be present as if your crew was at 100%. This will help you know how good your tank is once your crew is fully trained. What would be helpful is a calculator telling you how your tank performs at a certain level of experience. Seeing how the new skills and perks could influence efficiency I wonder how high can you go?

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