World of Tanks Patch 7.5 Details

Greetings tankers! Our spies have dug up the early details on the upcoming Patch 7.5 from the Russian World of Tanks site. Despite my hopes we will not be seeing the British tanks just yet, although we will have: Maps, Tanks and Award/Medals. What exactly should we expect? Read on.

World of Tanks

The German answer to everything, even bigger guns.

World of Tanks Patch 7.5 Details

We know that the three upcoming maps will be called: Port, Highway and Pacific Coast. No images were provided as of yet so I cannot even begin to guess what style will any of them be. The Pacific Coast Map could be located on US Mainland (I would not mind Hollywood).

Among the tanks, we will see brand new Tier X TDs and Medium tanks for all sides (except the Chinese). The Germans will get the E50 Ausf.M and JagdPz E-100. The Soviets will get the T62-A and Object 268. The US will receive the M48 Patton III as well as the T110E3 (link leads to the T110E5, but the tank model is related) and T110E4. The French will have their Tank Tree completely reworked, the Bat. Chatillon 25t will become a Tier X, and a new tier V will be added, the ELC AMX. The French will also get the Tier X TD AMX 50 Foch.

According to the Tier 10 Vehicle announcement article, the details of what will happen during the French Tank-Tree substitution process will be revealed in the future. Expect a bit of chaos, maybe some free tank slots (who knows?) and maybe a new tank in your garage (if you play as the French).

World of Tanks

… Why can’t the French design nicer tanks?

There will also be two new Premium Tanks. The Tier VI TD DickerMax for the Germans, and the US Tier VIII medium tank, T26E4 SuperPershing.

Lastly, there is mention of new Awards and Medals, but no details have appeared, as of yet. As soon as we learn something about them we will post up the details.

While we await for some more information regarding Patch 7.5, let us enjoy the yet-not-released Patch 7.4. I myself await the release of the British Tank Tree. I feel my garage lacks a Churchill.

See you on the Battlefield!

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