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We are getting very close to the final release of Patch 7.4 for World of Tanks. In case you refuse to wait, why not participate in the Public Test? Not only will you have a chance to see all the new features, but also help the Devs, by providing helpful feedback and comments. After all, World of Tank would not be as great as it is if the world of the people did not influence it, from time to time. Check the official announcement for the details on downloading and installing the test client, or read below.

French D2 Tank

Rapid testing of current and future French tanks is under way. The wine cooling system is better than ever.

Update: There is now a new Public Test in Progress. Check our new article for details.

First of all, we will have the opportunity to test the new French TDs and SPGs, as well as a number of other tanks (Premium, though not only). One large bait for me are the two new game modes which will be available for testing during the Public Test (Attack and Encounter (Previously Counter-Battle). Not every single map will have each of the new game modes available. Another curious addition are new medals. For example, the Expert medal is awarded when you kill “at least one example of each tank type, existing at that moment in the specified nation tech tree.” Then there are the Engineer Medals, which are awarded for researching all the vehicles for a nation, or all the vehicles in the game (at the time). Then there is the Sinai Lion, awarded for killing 100 IS tanks (my Tiger approves) and the Medal of Raseiniai Heroes, awarded for killing the entire enemy team.

Check below for the full list of changes, but before you do, a few more details about the test. Based on what I know, the Public Test starts today and lasts untill the 5th of June (estimated end date). As in the previous tests, you will have access to 15,000 gold for testing, and you will earn ten times what you normally earn in experience and credits. You do not keep or lose anything during the testing, but you will have access to your currently bought tanks/TDs/SPGs.

Remember to download the Test Client. Your ordinary client will not allow you to take part in the test. Do note that there will be resets during the testing, so savour the upcoming Patch 7.4. While you are at it, do help out World of Tanks and leave a helpful comment or two, especially if there will be some trouble bug.

List of changes between 7.3 and 7.4 patches:

  • Added two new combat modes appearing randomly: Attack and Encounter.
    • Attack: one team defends the only base whilst the second team should capture it or destroy all enemy vehicles. The mode is activated for Erlenberg, Prokhorovka, Westfield, Karelia, Malinovka, Sand River, and Siegfried Line.
    • Encounter: both teams try to capture the single base in the center of the map or to destroy all enemy vehicles to win. The mode is activated for El Halluf, Murovanka, Steppes, Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Malinovka, Sand River, and Siegfried Line.
  • Added two new maps: Airfield (North Africa) and Widepark (European town).
  • Added French TDs: Renault FT AC, Renault UE 57, Somua Sau 40, S 35 CA, ARL V 39, AC Mle.1946, AC Mle.1948, AMX 50 Foch.
  • Added French SPGs: Renault BS, Lorraine 39 L AM, AMX 105 AM, AMX-13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 (50), Lorraine 155 (51), Bat. Chatillon 155.
  • Vehicles IS-6 and JagdTiger 8.8cm KwK43 L/71 are added to the in-game store, available for all players.
  • Changed sizing of the following vehicles to match historical ones: JagdTiger (zoomed up to sizes of TigerII), Object 261 (degraded to sizes of IS-7).
  • Fixed or reworked damage models of M2 lt, M3 Lee, JagdTiger, Gw E, Т-28, IS-8 (matlet), Е-50 (transmission moved to front), Е-75 (transmission moved to front), VK4502B (transmission moved to the middle part of the vehicle).
  • Fixed or reworked models of ARL-44, KV-1S, Pz III, Т-54, Valentine LL, T1 heavy, M41, VK4502A, IS-8.
  • Rebalanced several parameters of M103, T110, KV-4, M18 Hellcat, T30.
  • SPG LeFH18 B2: fixed parameters of radio FuG-8, changed wrong weight number, changed the combat level.
  • Fixed the name of suspension for SPG М12.
  • Fixed several bugs with French camouflages.
  • Fixed bugs with the camouflage cover for IS-7 and Marder II.
  • Fixed the cost of camouflages for Т30, KV-2, KV-3.
  • Added a new camouflage pattern for each nation.
  • Added the option of training skills and perks for combined qualifications of crew (for example, training perks and skills of Radio Operator, when a Commander combines qualifications of a Commander and Radio Operator).
  • In order to reduce the amount of issues with “questionable” non-penetration/penetration hits, reworked the system of damaging with HE and armor-piercing shells. In some cases the chance of damage and critical hits from HE shells increases.
  • Changed operation of Large First Aid Kit: a constant bonus of “+5% to avoiding critical damage to crew” will now be applied until the end of the battle, even once the First Aid Kit has been used.
  • Changed operation of Large Repair Kit: a constant bonus of “+10% to repair speed” will now be applied until the end of the battle, even once the Repair kit has been used.
  • Repair Kits now fix both tracks if they have both been damaged.
  • Compensation granted to the victim of a team hit is now proportional to the damage taken from the team hit.
  • If a player team-damages someone and the same shot then damages an enemy vehicle, a decreasing team damage coefficient is applied for this shot.
  • Added controls for a light-emitting diode glow over game events when using a ROCCAT mouse.
  • Added notes about relevant discounts in the game client.
  • Changed pop-up hints on tank modules, consumables, ammunition, and crew members.
  • Changed information displayed in the vehicle pop-up window.
  • All in-game sounds have been optimized in frequency and compression.
  • Added sounds for environment: birds, rivers, sea, forests, villages.
  • Reworked several sound effects for environment.
  • Added sounds for several interface buttons that previously did not emit a sound when pressed.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the “post-mortem” panel in the interface-off mode.
  • Fixed or reworked effects for hitting wood and snow.
  • Fixed the description of Fadin’s Medal.
  • Fixed several bugs where people could pass through unintended passages on Siegfried Line, El Halluf and Ensk.
  • Changed display of bases and spawn points on the mini-map.
  • Fixed a bug with the color of the “Invite” button after leaving or excluding a mate from a platoon.
  • Fixed a rare bug with the game client hanging-up at the end of map loading.
  • Fixed the description of the Brothers in Arms perk.
  • Fixed a rare bug which made it impossible to gain “Elite” status on T-34-85, T-43 and KV-13.
  • Removed an unused option: “Tanker’s voices by nation”.
  • Added the autoloader indicator for the howitzer shooting mode.
  • Fixed a rare bug causing a hang-up of the tank HP bar in the tank over-target marker.
  • Fixed a rare bug with the game client hanging-up whilst entering sniper mode.
  • Reduced the neon glow for tank panel interface elements in garage and pop-up hints.
  • Changed requirements for receiving Lavrinenko’s, Leclerc’s and Abram’s medal.
  • Base and respawn markers on mini-map have been added to the “color blind” mode.
  • Added the option of switching on the “server” reticle marker to the game settings.
  • Changed the method of selecting the message recipient in the battle chat. Now for switching between messages to your team and all players you should use “TAB” key.
  • At the request for battle menu, the mouse cursor is centered on the “Back to garage” point.
  • Changed the design of free experience and gold conversion windows.
  • When in a platoon or a tank company and the Commander speaks over voice chat, the volume of his mates reduces.
  • Fixed the display of tanks with camouflage (tracks without hull and turret) for outdated Radeon series video cards.
  • Fixed the display of sniper mode cover in windowed mode, when the window height is greater that the width.
  • Fixed several bugs in the alternate color scheme.
  • Removed mouse inversion in the SPG mode.
  • Added new medals:
    • Expert” (by nation) for destroying at least one example of each tank type, existing at that moment in the specified nation tech tree.
    • Medal of Raseiniai Heroes” for destroying the whole enemy team (not less than 14 vehicles).
    • Technical Engineer” (by nation) for researching all vehicles existing at that moment in a nation’s tech tree.
    • Senior Technical Engineer” for researching all vehicles of all nations existing at that moment.
    • Sinai Lion” for destroying over 100 “IS” tanks of any model and vehicles based on its model.
  • Fixed several bugs with the spam filter.

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