World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Public Test #2

Attention tankers! The new Public Test for Patch 7.4 is live. Starting today and lasting till the 12th of June. There will be slight differences between the 1st Public test and the current one. So if you feel like testing out the new vehicles, contributing to World of Tanks, or anything else for that matter, check the official announcement for installation details.

World of Tanks

Fine tuning the French tanks before their final release.

If you want to know what was introduced/tested in the previous Public Test you can check our previous announcement article. Just a few reminders, as always. You must be registered before the 28th of May in order to take part in the test. Any experience or credits earned during this period won’t be transferred to your main account (you will have access to your tanks though), but neither will any costs. You cannot buy any gold, but you will receive 15,000 gold for testing purposes. So, in case you feel like testing out the new Premium tanks, or checking out the new Camo Schemes, you have the opportunity now.

Below is the full list of changes between the first and current public test:

List of changes between test #1 and test #2 of v7.4:

  • Removed the Komarin and Swamp maps from the pool for random battles.
  • Increased the time it takes to capture the base in Encounter mode.
  • Duration of combat in Attack mode has been reduced to 10 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug with a red square appearing in the tank panel in the garage.
  • Fixed the reduced damage to vehicle suspension.
  • Reduced probability of hitting crew with HE shells.
  • Fixed the small font of tabs in the battle statistics window.
  • Fixed the display of water for several graphics settings configurations.
  • Fixed rare FPS lagging problem seen in test#1.
  • Reworked visual style of base markers and spawn points on minimap.
  • Notification of combat mode added to loading and time remaining windows.
  • Engine Maybach HL 234P50 removed from SPG Lorraine 155 50 and Lorraine 155 51.
  • Changed parameters of engines on the SPG AMX 105 AM.
  • Fixed the position of guns in research tree for SPG S 35 CA.
  • Parameters of premium TD FCM36 Pak40 returned to those in 7.3.
  • Parameters of premium heavy tank T34 returned to those in 7.3.
  • Armoring of T-28 returned to parameters specified in 7.3.
  • Fixed zero values for some armor points on T2 medium and T-34-85.
  • Fixed the voice message for “hot keys” (F2-F7) and the sound of marking a square on minimap.
  • Added nation-based icons for the nation specific Expert and Technical Engineer medals.
  • Fixed operation of Expert perk in howitzer mode in direct view range.
  • Fixed the description of Sinai Lion medal.
  • Fixed bugs with damaged models of Т20, M4A3E8.
  • Fixed errors in module names of several French SPGs.
  • Fixed the description of engines on the SPG AMX 13F3AM.
  • Fixed the display of tank short names in the achievements window.
  • Fixed absence of ally icons on minimap during the countdown before the battle begins.
  • Removed notification about the test special when entering garage.
  • Fixed combat hint (F1).
  • Corrected the name of achievement “Raseiniai Heroes Medal”.
  • Corrected the historical note about the achievement “Raseiniai Heroes Medal”.
  • Fixed the marking of guns in the tank info-window, activated from the context menu.
  • Fixed angle of inclination for the gun on the Tetrarch.
  • Corrected several slight errors in new hints about the tanks and modules.
  • Fixed the mechanics for demounting consumables, which were incompatible with modules.
  • Fixed the fallout of tank icon with maximal amount of battles in achievements.
  • Fixed fade-out of pop-up achievement hint.
  • Fixed the tracks effect for SPG AMX AC mle 1946.
  • Fixed negative values associated with getting Leclerc’s medal.
  • Fixed occasional interruption of music during map loading.
  • Fixed the display of required tanks for Expert medals in info-window achievement.
  • Added new logo for to the login window.
  • Added automatic crediting of “Raseiniai Heroes Medal” to players who score the maximum of 15 kills in one combat.
  • Fixed hanging objects on Steppes map.
  • Fixed several slight errors on new maps Widepark and Airfield.
  • Ruinberg map optimized due improve efficiency and memory use.

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