What does the future hold for the French? World of Tanks Patch 7.4

Patch 7.3 for World of Tanks was not yet released, yet there is word already of Patch 7.4. What we know for certain is that Patch 7.4 will include French Tank Destroyers and Self Propelled Guns. Although as of yet we have no details of what will be released we have access to the Full French Tank-Tree, and as such we can already tell what might be introduced into the game soon. Another small tit-bit that was mentioned was a possible change to the VK4502(P) Ausf.B, but as the developers states it is as yet unknown if this will occur in patch 7.4 or a later one.

Update: We have some more details about Patch 7.4. More tanks, more Camo, more everything! Also, we now know a bit more about the upcoming game modes.

Looking at the French Tank-Tree I can honestly say I do not recognise most of these tanks. A quick search reveals that some of the TDs and SPGs which will appear were prototypes or merely projects. Souroy from the American World of Tanks forum performed plenty of research back in 2010, and I would wish to dig up what he found and re-post it in part here, combined with some of my own research. Check his original Forum Topic here. Do take note, he was using the old French Tank Tree so some of the information might be out of date.

World of Tanks

The current (as of 22nd April 2012) full French Tank Tree.

Tank Destroyers:

Renault FT AC- You take the Tier I Light Tank, and give it a slightly bigger gun… I cannot say I hold much hope with this little fellow. Although, I do like surprises.

Lorraine 37 L AC- It looks strange, to say the least. I am certain it will need some type of plating around it, but I do not know what the Devs might come up with.

Somua SAu 40- Yet another wild creation by the French. It looks like a much more bulky B1. On the other hand, the 75 mm cannon does look intimidating.

S35 CA- The Tier 5 French TD. The further up we go, the more “alien” the design.

ARL V39- I can think of only one think when I look at this tank. “Run”.

AMX AC de 100 (46)- I could not find an image or any information about it, but if it’s anything like its cousin below…

AMX AC de 120 (48)- The design reminds me of the JagdPanther. I am not certain of the specifics however.

AMX 50 Foch- The Tier IX TD, as stated by the current Tank Tree. It might not be beautiful, but it certainly looks dangerous. Its height might be an issue though.

Self-Propelled Guns:

Renault BS- Take the Tier one Light Tank, and give it a small artillery gun. Profit!

Lorraine 39 L AM- No image could be found, but it could be similar to the Lorraine 37 L AC, since it is using the same chassis.

AMX 105AM – One of the many variants of the AMX 13, the AMX 105AM was employed by a number of nations around the world. Not a World War 2 creation, but compared to the TDs, it looks decent!

AMX-13 F3 AM- Take an AMX 13, give it a 155mm gun. Light, quick and overpowered, or will it be?

Lorraine 155(50)/(51)- The next two SPGs in line. The link provided is a forum discussion I found about this tank and other French tanks. Some very interesting observations.

Bat. Chatillon 155- I could not find any information on this SPG. But considering it might be based on a Bat. Chatillon 25t chassis it might be equally agile, un-armoured and with an SPG gun.

Based on the photographs, and some historical information that I could dig-up or read on the forums I can reach a few early conclusions. The upcoming French Tank Destroyers might reflect the current Tank Lines, in terms of armor, speed and firepower. At first slightly tougher armour (possibly) while lacking speed and firepower. Then as we move up, to the higher tiers, armour might be sacrificed for speed and firepower. The SPGs make me quirk my brow, due to the chassis a lot of them are based on. The top-tier SPGs drive on the chassis of French tanks with outstanding speed, while lacking armour. Will the french SPGs act like “standard” tanks, but with artillery guns mounted on them? It is a tempting thought, and a scary one at the same time. The stories of Hummels acting as emergency TDs might come to life with French SPGs acting as tanks. They will certainly lack health and armor, like most SPGs do, but their speed should give them the advantage.

Untill more details are revealed we can only guess what to expect in Patch 7.4. Untill then, as a driver of German tanks, I hope French “Tank” SPGs will remain my own myth.

See you on the Battlefield.

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