World of Tanks Patch 7.3 Public Test #2

Suffering from terrible weather? I might know something to lift up your spirits. The 2nd Public Test for Patch 7.3 of World of Tanks is starting today (28th of April) and lasting till the 2nd of May. Follow the instructions on the announcement page in order to correctly install the Public Test version of the game. While you test the Patch your xp or credits gained will not go to your “actual” account. Of course, during the test you will have access to the tanks you bought and trained. You will earn ten times as many credits and experience while testing, and get 15,000 gold to expand your testing experience.

What has changed since Public Test #1 of Patch 7.3?

Check below for a full list of details of the new update on what has changed between Public Test #1 and Public Test #2.

List of changes between test #1 and test #2 of version 7.3:

  • Fixed several bugs with objects location on the South Coast map.
  • Fixed base icon location on the minimap of the South Coast map.
  • RAM usage was significantly reduced on the Dragon’s Ridge map. It was a direct cause for the so-called ‘red screen’ during a sniper mode on this map.
  • Fixed some obstructions on the Dragon’s Ridge map.
  • Reduced penetration of the М-62-Т2 gun (top gun for IS-4, IS-8, ST-I) from 270mm to 268mm.
  • Fixed several errors in the T-150 damage model.
  • Fixed several errors in the T-54 damage model (there was a gap between damage models of hull and turret).
  • Fixed the BL-10 gun scale for Object 704 TD.
  • The model of damaged T-34 rearranged for 16 armor.
  • Fixed a bug with the IS-4’s D-10T gun: when this gun was researched and mounted the tank could not enter a battle.
  • Fixed a bug with a substitution of the IS-4 tank: the IS-8 tank did not become Elite if the D-10T hadn’t been researched on the IS-4.
  • Fixed a bug with a substitution of the KV-3 tank: the ‘Accelerate crew training’ stayed ticked after the conversion.
  • Fixed a bug with a substitution of the KV-3 tank: if entering a battle without resupplying the ammo, the ammo icons become doubled.
  • Fixed some errors in the IS-4 damaged model: the gun mantlet thickness was increased from 200mm to 250mm, the glacis (upper frontal armor plate) slope was increased from 58 degrees to 61 degrees.
  • Fixed a bug with the traverse speed on the ST-I tank, (stock tracks had better traverse speed than the top ones).
  • Fixed a large scale pattern of camouflage on the IS-8 tank.
  • Added the missing icon of the IS-8 tank on the research tree and on the service record list.
  • Reduced the maximum speed of the KV-4 to 30 km/h.
  • Fixed the cost of different camouflages for the IS-4 tank.
  • Rebalanced the parameters of 85mm S-51 gun on the KV-3 tank.

See you on the battlefield.

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