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World of Tanks is a free MMO, where we get to play as a number of different tanks from around the world. Set in World War 2 you can play as the US, German, French and Soviet tanks. You start off as “low-level” tanks and as you gain more experience and credits you research upgrades for your tank, buy them and steadily progress to higher levels. Having a choice between different tank types anybody can find a play-style which suits them best. Soon, big changes will come to this title. Patch 7.2.

M18 Hellcat World War 2

M18 Hellcat. Most certainly not a cat, from hell.

The long-awaited Patch 7.2 had a public test recently. After participating in it for a while ,and reading up the few announcements which were released, I decided to present all the details in one compact article. Divided into sections, jump to those parts which interest you the most.

UPDATE: The release date for the patch is set. Check HERE for details.

The new Turret Mounted Tank Destroyers

The US got itself a new branch of Tank Destroyers. Starting from Tier IV and going all the way up to tier IX the key difference between them and other tank destroyers is a turret. I will refer to them as TTDs (Turret Tank Destroyers), for the obvious reason of being the only tank destroyer line with such. What can we summarise about these new tank destroyers? Overall, their armor is much worse than their cousins’. They will also suffer from having less Health Points and weaker engines. Although they will have access to higher tier guns the original US tank destroyer line will still have better firepower. Do they have anything better? Depends at which model you look. In most cases they will be lighter and much faster. If memory serves me right, the M8A1 can have a top sped of even 75km/h.

Tank in Camo

Bob realised why does the Camo Netting cost only 100k.

Let us talk specifics and compare them to the other US Tank Destroyers. The Tier IV M8A1 will have a weaker gun, much less armor, a weaker engine and less health. On the other hand, it will have superior damage, speed and radio. The Tier V T49 has better accuracy and speed, while a lower Rate of Fire, armor and less HP. The Tier VI M18 Hellcat has the exact same gun as the M36 Slugger, while suffering sub-par armor and superior speed. The Tier VII T52/2 has only a higher rate of fire, while having a sub-par gun and armor. The Tier VIII T28 suffers from not having any clear statistical strength, while having weaker armor. The Tier IX T30 has *incredible* front turret armor (279mm), superior speed and radio, but its armor on other parts of its body and turret is weak.

How will we play with these new tank destroyers? Let us consider their two clearest strengths. Their speed, often superior to other tank destroyers, makes them dangerous opponents for sluggish heavy tanks. Their ability to quickly reposition themselves from a defensive stance to an attack will be priceless. How big a benefit does a turret grant them? Consider, how you had to attack so far, when an enemy was around the corner, or when some annoying light tanks was about to flank you. The turret allows you to position yourself in new ways, and still be able to fire. Since your gun is higher, certain obstacles won’t pose too much of an obstruction to your view. The clearest two problems with these new Tank Hunters are their guns and armor. Their armor does not allow them to stand against heavier enemy guns. In fact, the french light tanks might have a field day against them. The slightly sub-par guns will often limit you in your choice of targets. On the other hand, your speed and turret allow you to partly eliminate that weakness. Stay hidden and snipe away at targets of opportunity, or mob a helpless heavy tank.

Skills and Perks for your tanks

There will be a new system for crew gained experience, as well as new Perks and Skills for crew members. The way things will work now is that your crew will have their own experience pool. Once they gain full proficiency of their tank they will invest their gained experience into a skill or perk of your choice. Each type of crew member has their own choice of skills and perks, with one shared perk called “Brothers in Arms”. The difference between skills and perks, is that skills give you a bonus dependant on how trained it is (from 1 to 100%). Perks only work once they are fully trained (100%). You can queue the skills and perks for each crew member. There will also be an option to “restart” your crew experience. For free (80%), a credit payment (90%) or a gold payment (100%), you will get a certain portion of their experience back, ready to be invested into other skills or perks.

World War 2 Tank training

The first thing any proper tank driver has to learn: driving forward. Next week: driving backwards.

Each skill and perk has its own special uses. All of them will somehow benefit any tank. Together with the three standard skills (Camo, Repairs and Fire Fighting) a fully developed tank would feel like a true legend under your control.

Changes to the (War) Economy

Tanks will earn more. That is what I read from a mildly recent posting. Tier ones will earn almost double of what they are earning now. Even top-tier tanks will earn a bit more. This will not only influence your credit income, but also your experience gain. Furthermore, the prices for certain modules and shells types will be decreased, while in some cases increased. Some tanks might suffer an income drop, but no specific model was specified.

WW2 Tank Production Line

New, cheaper modules and tanks being prepared for Patch 7.2. The secret to lower prices? Bubblegum and cardboard.

We will earn more, overall. I will not complain about that and since improving your tank will be cheaper, coupled with easier research, advancing in tiers will be faster and much more pleasant. The true extent and weight of these changes we will only be felt once the patch is released. My hopes are very high though!

 Visuals and others

The way battles look will change. During a battle we will have clear info about friendly and enemy tanks you see. Aside from the appropriate symbol (Heavy, Medium, Light, SPG, TD) there will also be the exact model of the tank shown. This might be spoiling some of us, making the game much easier. On the other hand, it saves asking people what tank did they spot. There will be some new “wreckage models” and some tanks will be resized to fit historical patterns. Your login page will now have a fancy diorama, randomly chosen from a selected number. Another few useful tools which will appear in the Garage include: search options to filter out specific tanks from your collection (Nation and Tank Type) and a pop-up window to view a brief summary of a chosen tank.

There will be two new maps added and a few other minor changes. Among these changes, one of the most useful ones might be that Repair Packs will auto-repair a single damaged part, without you having to click on it. A more controversial decision would be the change among High-Tier US tanks. The T34 will become a Premium tank, and the M103 will take its place. Click here and gaze below for the (current) full list of changes.

A short few words of summary

Patch 7.2 will bring in a lot of changes. Although on one hand I welcome all of them openly I am concerned whether it’s not too much in one go. The changes to the US tank lines might be a shock to some, while the economic changes will be welcomed by all. There is still some time before the patch is released and even then it will take some time for all of us to see how much good (or bad) it brought into World of Tanks.

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