World of Tanks Guide: The Long Way to the Tiger

World of tanks logoThose sitting comfortably in WW2 history have for certain, sooner or later learned of the Tiger I. The Legendary German Heavy tank which many consider one of the most powerful machines ever to be constructed during WW2. Of course, putting aside the almost legendary stories of how the best have used the Tiger we end up with a decently gunned and armored long range “Sniper” tank. Disappointed? You should not be. But before we reach that far and enjoy the happy days of sniping down both lighter and heavier tanks with our Tiger there is still a matter of getting that far.

Now, although I have been a user of the Tiger back in the Beta I had to start my long road to the Tiger over again, so I shall provide a few tips and tricks on surviving this trip, and essentially writing a few reviews on each tank that I will have to use. Assuming a straight line from the Leichttraktor through the P4 and VK3601 to the Tiger itself. Let us begin this long and tiresome trip, skip ahead if you like to. (As of now the whole guide is not yet complete).

The Toddler’s first step: The Leichttraktor

World of tanks

The Crew of the “Panzercrack” Leichttraktor. It later turned out it did crack a lot.

A common laughing stock among more experienced panzer drivers. The Leichttraktor is the first “tank” you will have the chance to use. Seen as inferior in every possible way to its older cousins it is a tank which you will use to learn the ropes in World of Tanks. It has a low speed, poor flexibility, and its shape does not help when fighting enemy tanks of equal tier. Surprisingly though, even though it might seem a complete waste of time at the beginning and cause a lot of stress a fully upgraded and well played Leichttraktor is capable of doing plenty of damage to an exposed enemy. The 2cm Breda although having slightly worse penetration than the standard gun, and lower damage output per “hit” is capable of causing a lot of confusion on an unexpected enemy. If said foe is using manual aim it is likely that during your “Pew Pew” barrage his next shot or two might completely miss. The basic gun is better for engagements calling for a larger distance and accuracy. However the 2cm Breda up close during a successful flank attack will do much more damage.

A question of style, the Leichtraktor can take on a decent defensive role with its basic gun at a distance, while the 2cm Breda will shred a foe to pieces but call for a much closer firefight. Although slow you should use terrain to your advantage, especially if you have to hide that giant hull of yours, and flank an enemy tank or even force. On some maps natural terrain will be your best friend. Do pay attention to any obstacles as they might stop you entirely, and in the case of fully developed tanks slow you down greatly. Also, do take note, you have very weak armor. Exposing yourself to even two enemy guns will call for your destruction in mere seconds.

Panzerkampfwagen II: The Lord of “Pew Pew”

World of tanks

First german attempts at using “Manpower” rather than “Horsepower” to drive their tanks forward

You must feel incredible now. You have finally bought yourself a P2! Something better than the “Loltraktor”. Here is the catch you got a better tank, yes, but can you use it? With the Leichttraktor you had the option of using a “fair distance” gun. And now you are stuck with a tank which has only “Pew Pew” cannons. End of the world? Not at all. The P2 in its basic stock, is as much use as a Leichttraktor on a bad day. But a fully upgraded P2 is a machine to be reckoned with. What it needs is a good driver, you. According to statistics, the P2 has only a slightly bigger maximum speed than the Leichtraktor. However you will feel a difference in engine power. Trees and certain obstacles will not longer hinder you this much. Also, still being a relatively low tier you will have a chance to shine on higher tier battles. The P2 however calls for a specific type of mentality. It has a better shape, speed and overall better gun than the Leichttraktor, but you have to attack up close. End of the world? Not at all. If you learned to use the Leichttraktor with the 2cm Breda, then the P2 will be just like that, only much, much easier.

Learn more about the use of cover and if there is an opportunity to flank somebody, use it. Although the P2 is not a good defensive tank if you dig yourself in you will be more than enough trouble to an unexpecting foe. Remember that on some maps there are stone walls through which you can break through easily. Shock your foes by attacking from directions they do not expect you to! Do note however you are still not the king of the world, and sometimes you will end up facing Tier 3 tanks. That is when all your knowledge of flanking and surprise attacks will be tested. These bad boys cannot be taken head on without you suffering a lot of damage. Aim for the rear and remember sometimes higher tier tank drivers are too certain of their tank’s strength and they might advance alone. Also note that SPGs are sometimes left unguarded, look for an easy path to them and perform a deadly surprise attack. TDs will be a big problem. Be aware of likely positions they might be hiding in. More importantly do not take them head on at a long distance, your gun is not designed for such fighting.

The distant taste of Mediums: Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf A

World of tanks

Early testing of the P3 A submarine

Now, you ended up with this. You have a tank which you will end up using against much heavier tanks, with a very poor gun and inadequate armor. Welcome to the P3 A. Now, you might think, how will you ever cope with something that looks like punishment compared to the P2 or even the Leichttrsktor? Patience skipper. The P3 A is poorly armored and at first poorly gunned but this changes once you sit down and crack at it for a good while. Remember, this is the tank that you have to pull through to get the ordinary P3 so consider this practice. The P3 A once fully upgraded has impressive (though not overly so) speed, a decent gun, and most importantly an attitude of an adventurer. This tank with its speed and cannon begs to charge into the enemy ranks and fire off, or quickly position itself on a ridge to fire down at a foe. Use your speed and decent gun to reach decent positions and fire off at advancing enemies. Upgrade your radio to get enemy reports and act as an early sniper tank.

The main weakness of the P3 A is its armor. An inexperienced crew will also make it troublesome to use this tank. Only with time will you learn to use the few strengths of the P3 A to your advantage, but once that happens you will find it a friend at the least, with a decent “credit output” if played right. Also, get used to the shape of the P3 A as the next tank on your path, and even the one after that will be just that, only a bit bigger.


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