World of Tanks: Generals Announced

Here I was, driving through Malinovka in my Tiger I when my radioman informed me of World of Tanks: Generals. I was so perplexed that by mistake I ran myself into the bog and sunk. It was one of those news I did not expect or hear of before, and upon checking the Announcement site I was intrigued by the idea, yet somewhat worried at the same time.

World of Tanks: Generals

Some Art from the game. Must be for a Defense Bonus card.

World of Tanks: Generals Announced

World of Tanks: Generals will be a Card Game. The aim of which is for you to defeat the enemy. To do that you must destroy his or her base, using the cards at your disposal. There will be many different types of units (not just Tanks), and different enchantment/bonus cards for your units. I am curious whether there will be any “Spell” Cards and buildings, or will entirely new solutions be sought out? I know I am stuck with my mindset on Magic the Gathering, but a lot of card games follow a similar idea (I do not wish to guess which card game was first with this system).

Players will be able to take part in Tournaments, PvP matches, Historical and Single Player Battles. According to the main site we will are promised an easy environment for beginners, with challenges for veterans. There are as of yet no details about the game system, other  than a research system for new cards/technologies, similar to what we have already in World of Tanks.

Lastly, you will be able to use your World of Tanks Account to log into World of Tanks: Generals.

Will this be a good title? We have yet to see. So far I was not disappointed with either World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, but this seems like a new angle in the series. More information has to be revealed, and I wonder how will the title shine on the Free To Play Market, especially since it is also meant to be an RTS. I have a tiny hope that we will not have “Future” or non-existent tanks in the game. It might make the Germans overpowered, but hey, I want to actually see the French, and win with them!

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