World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Game Modes explained

Patch 7.4 holds plenty of promise, not only due to its upgraded French Tank-Tree but also two new game modes and a number of other Premium tanks. In this article I would wish to write about the two new upcoming game modes for Patch 7.4, both of which are currently being tested by the World of Tanks team. Despite their simple ideas I see that a new call for SPGs and tactical thinking will arise. Why? Read on.

World War 2

"And then, we shall attack... here." Source: WWII in Color

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World of Tanks: More modes in my game

According to the Overlord’s recent Blog post the two upcoming game modes for World of Tanks will be Attack & Defense, and Counter Battle (both names might change in the future).

Attack & Defense is exactly what it sounds like. One team protects their base, while the other has to either destroy the defenders or take over the base. It seems simple, doesn’t it? In practice I imagine a far more demanding scenario. Consider the fact that the defenders will most likely take up the most beneficial spots, in order to protect themselves, camp and snipe at the incoming attackers. The attackers will have to move forward and destroy the enemy, which means they will always be the ones remaining exposed.

Due to this, SPGs will have a popularity come-back. How do you handle a static defense? You bomb it. During situations when the attackers will be stuck due to a well hidden Jagdtiger any SPG could force a sudden turn of tide with a single well placed shot. The critics of the SPGs will have to agree that without at least one SPG taking part in an Assault everything will bog down to forcing your way through a well hidden foe. Since this game mode will have a shorter round time you will have to attack, rather than sit back and hope the enemy eventually loses his nerve.

In turn the defenders have one of the most powerful weapons at their disposal, psychology. A lot of the time a single well placed shot will force all the nearby tanks to hide. A single tank could potentially hold-off an attack, while SPG support will further disarm the opponent from any will of attacking. Assuming that the current maps will be used for Attack & Defense imagine a round on Malinovka, where the attackers will have to move away from their position, but in which direction? Each map will offer new challenges, and require new solutions to new problems.

Counter Battle is essentially “King of the Hill”, but without a hill. There is a single “Base” in the centre of the map and the teams can win by capturing the base, or defeating their opponents. This will also force a lot of static-minded players to move forward, even if only a few inches to snipe at the enemy about to cap the base. Every tank will be on the attack, and although the “simplest” attack path would be through the centre of the map, the more creative players will use the entire map to their advantage.

World War 2

"Quick! Rush for the Cap!"

Counter Battle, just like Attack & Defense will create new dilemmas. After all, you do not *have* to capture the base. You might gather a few tanks and attack the camping foes from a flank. Equally problematic is the thought that you have to protect a flank because the enemy might attack it at any moment. Although the centre of the map could become a “Graveyard” for early or bold cappers, Counter Battle is not about “Zerging” the centre.

Both game modes will create new opportunities for planners to gain a decisive victory. The current basic “Random” game mode is still demanding, but a few of the maps will receive a tense “shock” after these new modes are introduced. Malinovka being the major patient here, since camping, especially in Attack & Defense, will no longer remain an option, for one side. We can only await more information about these game modes, and whether they will affect all the maps, or only some of them.

See you on the battlefield.

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