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If you heard of DayZ then you most likely heard of WarZ (and vice versa). Both are great Zombie Survival MMOs (though there is an ever raging discussion as to which one is better). Rather than try to be the judge of that, I would like to focus on something different, in this case, WarZ itself. Like in any zombie survival game, survival in this specific blend of the Zombie Apocalypse will not be as easy as you might wish. Unlike in some other Zombie Survival Games, humans (other players) will pose an even greater threat than the zombies. Combined with your ever present hunger, thirst, and of course the zombies themselves, how do you survive in WarZ? Well, there might be many guides and videos about it, but if you came here, that means that you need a different point of view on the topic, or you feel like reading something a bit longer and conclusive. Well, here you are!


Where do all the DayZ and WarZ Bambis go?

How to survive in WarZ?

This Guide will be divided into two sections. One focusing on “Zombie” survival, the other on “Player” survival. The first part will include such things like Thirst and Hunger, while the second part on combat and tell-tale signs that somebody is about.

WarZ: Zombies, Hunger and Thirst

In WarZ you are bound to be assaulted by a number of things. First and foremost, zombies. Zombies, thus far, are mildly quick movers. If you move at your non-sprint speed zombies will have no problem catching up with you, and dealing damage (their range is far longer than you can out-walk it). Sprinting can save you, but the zombies will move after you for a certain amount of time, and then stop. Zombies (for now) are incredibly sensitive to noise. When you Sprint zombies will “spot” you from a wide area, often resulting in a small horde gathering toward you. Walking greatly reduces this, but zombies will still be able to detect you from a medium range. When you Crouch-Move or go Prone you will be almost invisible, capable of sneaking past zombies, even at a very close range.

A single zombie normally does not pose a problem, but a group of them might. If you have your basic flashlight you can clobber a single zombie to death with little problem. Hammers are more commonly used for this task however, because three strikes to the head will take out a zombie. Firearms are rarely used, due to fear of bandits and other survivors possibly hearing you, but if the going gets bad, you might as well pray that nobody heard you (or if they did, they might stay clear).


You are hungry, thirsty, and you stumbled on a zombie. Single zombie? No problem. Question is, what was it doing so far from the town?

Your other two small “enemies” are Hunger and Thirst. They both slowly increase over time, and when you are sufficiently hungry or thirsty you will start losing health, slowly. In fact you will lose health so slowly that you are bound to find enough Medical Supplies to keep you at full health constantly. It is important to note that in the world of WarZ certain types of food and drink will get rid of both Hunger and Thirst. Among these is the Instant Oatmeal, Juice and the Can of Soup. Other types of foods and drink, like chips, can make you less hungry, but increase your thirst slightly.

Food can be found almost anywhere, but there tends to be a huge under-supply of it. Finding Water is easy, and it is unlikely your thirst will ever begin to negatively affecting your health.

Food and Water (together with medicine) can be found almost anywhere, so just look around every corner, trash can, car, house and store. It is possible that you will find more medicine than actual food, but there is no cure for that. Do not be worried though, like I said, if you have even a bit of medicine you will not need that much food.

Update: As of the most recent Updates (still Pre-Foundation) the zombie, food and drink spawns have changed. The number of Zombies has greatly increased, and food and water is much more common. At the same time certain types of medicine heal much less damage. Bandages, for example, the most common piece of medical equipment, heal only token damage.

WarZ: Players

If you played WarZ you are bound to discover that (almost) every single player about is hostile. You might even strike up a conversation with them, only to get shot in the next second. Sadly, this creates a deadly spiral, where people who might be friendly by nature are forced to fight against everybody, on every turn.

The simplest way to survive in WarZ is to evade the players entirely, or at least not to be detected if you know they are nearby.

Firstly, check your surroundings before you enter an area. If you have a good vantage point you should be able to scout out the area from afar, using your Binoculars. There are a few “signs” if a player has passed through recently (although these might not always be noted at first glance):

The Zombies – If you see an awful lot of zombies standing about, and especially a lot of them “sleeping” on the ground, it’s a good sign nobody was nearby, for a long time. The alternative is that somebody is just that good at sneaking. If you note that a lot of the zombies are dead, or that they are running after somebody, or standing in a line just outside an area’s boundaries that means that a player might had been in the area recently, or still is. If you see zombies charging at somebody (inside a building, for example) you will know exactly where the player(s) are. This can give you an advantage when preparing an ambush, or when deciding whether to move on, or just wait.


Supermarkets tend to have a decent stock of different items. That is what makes them popular scavenging locations. Thus, if you move into one, and find it completely empty that should set off a number of alarms.

The Loot – If you can see inside a house, or if loot normally spawns outside, you can note whether most of it is gone, or not. If you see, for example, small backpacks on the floor, or a lot of “junk” thrown about left and right it is possible somebody was in the area recently, or still is. If you see a big pile of “loot” in the open, or inside a building it’s likely that a player was recently killed or even sniped. If you see a lot of good gear (such as firearms) sitting in the open it could be a trap, or a Sniper that killed a player and is hoping somebody will take the bait.


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  1. jhon dow says:

    very helpful guide…..id like to add that zombies can be your friend!!!!! if you sneak past enough of them whilst going to supermarkets they act as a proximity alarm so if the moans and grunts change to growls the chances are there another player on his way to your position so “lock and load” i find this a fool proof way of shopping with the knowledge that you’ll be the first to strike and maybe surprise you new guest :)

    • WriterX says:

      I was never aware of this! I will have to test this out. The last time I tried playing I was so afraid of other players I stayed clear of every single town and city.

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