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You can imagine my surprise when I was looking over my Steam page and the very first thing that caught my attention was a recent News Feed from Steam titled, “The WarZ Now Available for Purchase“. Since I was already sitting I could not fall down into my chair and wonder just how short a time-span does Steam think people have? It has been only two months since the WarZ Steam Scandal with false advertisement and right now it is back. The question that crawled on my mind was, “Did anything change?”.


It is back.

Since the Steam scandal I did not re-enter WarZ, although I did once in a while check what has been happening with the Patches, updates and other problems that might had come up. Only recently there have been words of Private Servers being tested (or available for sale already). The Steam store page has been updated to more accurately reflect the state of the game currently. That still does not bring back any optimism in me, as the Trailer is very much action packed, but closer to the truth than before. I am however skeptical of everything Hammerpoint puts forward right now. I have hopes that WarZ might reach a certain acceptable level, but is that time now? I would have to go back into the game and see how much has changed. Are there still hackers? Bugs? Glitches? FPS issues? Broken Promises?

This is both a News Post and a warning. There are still a lot of the old “shiny” screenshots from the WarZ main site that will be misleading in terms of the actual quality of the game. I advise to watch recent videos from WarZ players, in order to learn whether this is the game that you want to pay for and play. Many have been disappointed previously, and I presume many still will be. Let us not have the repeat of Aliens: Colonial Marines, or what has previously happened with WarZ and rush to buy the game now. Notice that you do not only have to pay for the game itself, but also the “special” in-game currency, that ends up, hilariously perhaps, costing more than the game itself. It puts a somewhat skewed image of what you actually buy for the £10.99.

If you are wondering what was the previous WarZ Steam scandal in short I can tell you that Hammerpoint Interactive began selling a game, and promoting it on Steam, while most of the points covered in the Game’s description were not yet in fact provided (you can track articles about this around December 20th 2012). The Controversy surrounding WarZ is still mildly fresh, and I hope people do not forget all the problems that the release of this game has caused for DayZ’s developer, Dean “Rocket” Hall, who suffered a period of Depression after WarZ’s attempt at a cash grab last year.

Seems things have changed sufficiently for Steam to put the game back on its shelve, but did enough change? Did Hammerpoint learn its lesson? We shall see.

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