Wargame: European Escalation – Basic Game Guide

Wargame: European Escalation is an interesting blend of World in Conflict and R.U.S.E. It is an RTS game where you play as either a NATO or Warsaw PACT Commander and play either a singleplayer campaign, Skirmish or Online game with other Commanders. Unlike in a lot of RTS games you do not construct your own base, and you only deploy the units you researched beforehand. To get a fuller explanation of what Wargame: European Escalation is about I wrote this Guide that will hopefully grant you all the insight you need, on the basic level at least. It will not be a full Guide, describing all the possible units and combinations, but allow you to build your own force and understand the victory conditions and controls within the game.

Wargame: European Escalation

Will you be ready?

Wargame: European Escalation – Your first five minutes

When you first enter the game you will have to register an account. This is by no means an actual problem, and only serves for the game to keep tracks of your Statistics and “Research” online. Once you log in you will have a number of possible options as to what you can do, or to give you a better idea of what can and cannot be done just now. Let us start off by talking about your Deck.

Your Deck – Almost like [Insert Popular Card Game Name]

When you start the game you will have two Decks at your disposal for Online games. The Basic Nato and Pact Decks have a mix of different unit types, as such giving you a fair chance in your first online or Skirmish games. By clicking the Deck button in the bottom left corner of the screen you can View, Create and Edit your Decks. Your Deck is, in essence, what types of units you will have at your disposal during an Online Battle or Skirmish. As such you can create unique Decks, with your own Unit choices, in order to suit your personal Tactics and Strategy. You can put a higher emphasis on Tanks, or on Airborne Infantry, with Anti-Air Missiles or maybe Rocket Artillery. Any Deck you desire to create has 25 “Unit Slots”, spread out over different categories.

Logistic Units include Command Vehicles (CVs) and Ressuply Vehicles (Trucks and Choppers). The vast majority of Logistic Units do not have any methods of protecting themselves, and their role is that of support and control to your army, rather than active combat (more on that later).

Recon Units are different light and quick vehicles with excellent Optics. Some nations will have access to Recon choppers, giving them a huge advantage when fighting in open fields. Certain Recon Units will be fitted for combat (such as the US Bradleys) but if they are not supported by other units they will quickly fall to enemy fire.

Wargame: European Escalation

Having just one tank type is not enough. The more you have the better you can adapt to the battlefield.

Armored Units are, in essence, Tanks. Each side will have a selection of different tanks from different nations, each one with its strengths and weaknesses. When trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each tank use the “Info” button on the right hand side while examining the tank types. You can also explore the different tanks using the Armory function, this way you can also compare the Tanks from opposite sides. Certain tanks might be tougher, other tanks might have better guns, while others yet might have AT missiles, making them even deadlier than normal tanks.

Infantry Units are just that. They will always come together with a vehicle that will be used by them as a form of transport. In general you will find four unit types. “Riflemen” have standard Assault Rifles, RPGs and grenades. Anti-Tank infantry will have specialist equipment to deal heavy damage against tanks. Anti-Air Infantry, you guessed it, will shoot down enemy choppers effectively. Lastly, there is also Recon Infantry. They tend to be superior in combat when compared to ordinary Riflemen, with much better equipment, however they are not frontline troops. Just like other Recon Units your Recon Infantry will have excellent Optics, and with their “small size” they can safely watch a battlefield from woodland without being bothered at all.


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4 Responses to Wargame: European Escalation – Basic Game Guide

  1. Jonathon Passmore says:

    Flaws with the games design a appear the second you boot up multiplayer, and find that the communities metagame is to spam aircraft. If you by chance deploy a balanced, logical force, your more than reasonably ediquet AA will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemy choppers. Who knows, they might even run out of ammunition before they die. Oh, and your balanced ground force? Now whiped out from the air.

    So you want to play a skirmish game to avoid such shinanigains? Surely the AI will fight with a logical, balanced force, just like it should be programmed? You’d be wrong again too. Origionally the game shipped without skirmish AI, and it was later patched in. Unfortunetly for anyone and everyone who enjoys stratagy and tactics, the AI was programmed to play, just like the average player. Guess what that means? Dozens of choppers, spamming it up. If that doesnt work? Tank spam. No combined arms, nothing. Just throws single unit types at you until you are defeated.

    Sure, you can beat the AI, and other people, but only by playing by their rules of “throw everything into one unit and laugh.”

    Just another fine example of “Great concept, ruined the second you throw people into the equation.

    • WriterX says:

      I have to agree. When I was still learning the ropes of the game I decided to play a “Siege” game, with me as the Warsaw Pact against Nato, Easy AI. I spread out my force, bought a mix of Anti-Tank, Anti-Air and Anti-Infantry units, and waited. Then “it” happens. A huge blob of choppers flies over my base. Thankfuly I had the means to dispatch them (AA Guns combined with well hidden infantry) but I genuinely thought that AI was “Broken”.

      In regards to spamming, on one hand, yes, it works. On the other it can fail very quickly. I have been subjected to many “Air Spams” which can quickly overrun your positions and defenses. On the other hand, choppers are usually expensive, as opposed to the units that can shoot them down. While the Spam can work losing it will result in a huge Point drop.

      Overall, you are right. It is one of those games that would be fun if eveyrbody wanted to played with balanced forces. In practice that will rarely happen, since somebody will always want to spam something. Be it, artillery, tanks, Air units, infantry… well… anything multiple by SPAM.

    • WriterX says:

      On that note, I think World in Conflict had it well thought out. Each player played a specific “Role”. Usually the game would be broke up in such a way that you would not have the option of spamming a single unit type and winning, people had to work together.

      I am not saying Wargame lacks cooperation from players but since everybody can have any unit type the game is more flexible, and it allows for huge unit spamming (unlike in WiC where you usually could not spam as many unit types).

  2. He77bound says:

    Note that the link to the wiki at the end is no longer active (the website url redirects to qfind malware). The wiki is now at: http://wargame-series.wikia.com/wiki/Wargame_Wiki

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