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After seeing those tanks Screenshots for War Thunder I sat back and waited for further updates on tanks. Then came the second update with more tank screenies, but that felt like a Starbound update, meaning, “Nothing substantial, we are still working on it.” It was not until today that one of our readers (iamthelol) pointed out that there are already gameplay videos of tanks from War Thunder. How did this get past me? I stopped focusing on War Thunder, since there were many other things on my mind after the period of the past month. So if you too did not look into recent War Thunder news, here is the scoop.

Tanks in War Thunder

If you played War Thunder you would realize that you get the opportunity to destroy tanks in your planes and bombers. With rockets, cannons and bombs, no land target was safe! Since the game had so much to offer however, when would we get the opportunity to play as the tanks? Earlier this year there were some very early screenshots and a message from Gaijin that work is under way on player controlled tanks. Plenty of activity on the War Thunder forums, speculation, fan tech trees and impatient waiting. Earlier this month there have been videos posted of actual tank gameplay, and not just screenshots of tanks, as was the case previously. A commentary by Baron can be seen below, where he speaks about the tanks, from an IgroMir 2013 recording. Here you will get to see some very decent gameplay and get a general idea of what will tanks feel like (also, check out Baron’s channel for more videos on War Thunder tanks and his commentaries, very good information there).

Based on that, and a number of other videos, I can safely say that this will be, more or less, what people hoped for in terms of damage and combat. In essence, not arcade World of Tanks feel, instead the combat could mean instant-kills from artillery, accurate gun fire and enemy planes. Scary when you think about it, but War Thunder was always about a mildly high difficulty, and not a walk in the park. Even today I can honestly say that during Historical Battles, after a few minutes of flying toward the center of the map, or an objective, I could be shot down in an instant by an unseen enemy. Here the rules will appear to be the same, which is great! However, as the video shows, I am skeptical whether we will ever have to control the tank from the inside. I would like that (I played plenty of Red Orchestra and I loved that mechanic) but considering how many different tanks there are in War Thunder? It’s a distant dream.

The tanks are still very much a work in progress, as you can see this in video from Baron’s channel. Skip to the 12th minutes and you will see what I mean.

Still, I am happy that it will be possible to destroy a tank with a single shot, or perhaps to disable one of its parts. Not that I dislike World of Tanks, but War Thunder delivered a far more realistic and demanding combat system for its planes so I expected the same from its tanks.

Now, I can give you one more thing, two tech trees. They are not yet structured or ordered, they simply show what the Germans and the Soviets will have access to, but which tanks will be available first? No idea yet. You can view them from the War Thunder site here, or just scroll down.

War Thunder

The Russian Tank Tree. Take note that it’s grouped into types of tanks and not what tanks you research first (although by logic you will research the weakest tanks first).

War Thunder

The German Tank Tree. As far as I can tell there is only one “Paper” tank (the Panther 2) while the rest appear to be period accurate (I am not certain about the King Tiger variants, but they appear to be fine).

There are no more details regarding the first release of tanks into public use. We can safely say that we will have an opportunity to play both as planes and tanks during a battle (as can be seen in the video), at least during Arcade mode. This raises a question of whether there will be any problems with other game modes, such as Historical and Realistic. There is a certain limit of people on these game modes, which could mean that organizing a large scale battle with tanks and planes in sufficient number will be difficult. Time will tell though!

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