War Thunder: I Love This Game

War Thunder

You can look inside the cockpit of almost every single plane you can fly. The exception are bombers that are still being worked on.

Other Tid-Bits I Forgot About

If you are wondering whether you can handle a higher difficulty, or want to test out your controls, or you want to see what’s the “Next Tier” Plane like, you can engage in Test Flights. These Test Flights let you experiment with your controls, settings and planes. While there are not that many targets for you to practice on at least you can “sample” a new plane. Most importantly you can also practice your landing and take-off, which is one of the most useful skills in this game, especially with larger planes.

You can paint Decals on your planes, and some planes will have more “Skins” to choose from. These can be unlocked through Mini-Achievements for each plane. There is a surprising number of Awards, Achievements and Unlockables, so what do you pay for, in the end, with Premium Cash? First of all, Premium Planes. Then you can pay to unlock special campaigns, that also gift you a free plane, a bit of premium time and some Premium Cash. Some “Special” plane equipment can only be bought with Premium Cash as well. Additional Crew Experience can also be bought with Premium. So, you only really purchase Premium Cash if you want something badly. It is not necessary for the “Core Game”.

You can form Squadrons, which means inviting a friend to play together with you (up to four friends, if you have a Premium Account Active)… There is a bit more to this game, including the missions and scenarios but I did not focus on them too much myself. I found my “world” in Historical Battles as a Bomber Pilot. While not always easy, especially against more skilled opponents, I still did a half-decent job.

I almost forgot. There is an INCREDIBLY easy-going server-switching mechanic. To be precise, when you want to play any of the three game modes you can select whether you will search for a game on the EU, Russian or US server. If your Time Zone is empty you can swap to one of the other Servers, taking into account that your ping may be higher. It is a nice addition for people who might have friends from around the world and wants to play together with them, without having to register for the same game in multiple “countries” and downloading multiple clients.

But… I have no Joystick :(

Do not worry. The Mouse controls are very easy and simple. Using them to your full potential will take time but it will be quick. Of course, the Mouse Controls have a lot of additional help, known as the “Instructor”, who will keep your plane from Stalling. This is seen as an unfair advantage among Joystick players. I tried to use the more complex mouse controls, that are meant for the Joystick… I found it extremely difficult and annoying for somebody who does not have much experience with more complex controls. Test Flights helped, greatly, but I could not go into combat proper. I would had crashed within the first minute.

It is still in Beta…

Bugs will happen. Balance will be needed. More content will be added. Some of the most hilarious “bugs” I had was when during a failed landing the only remaining part of my plane (the cockpit) would sink half way into the ground, while I was still within airfield grounds, and the miracle repair crew would patch me up in about two minutes! Overall I found the game not to be too “scratchy” in terms of bugs.

The things I await for are the Army and Navy. There are no details yet but a lot of people are speculating what will it be like. The only information I am aware of is that it will not be a “Sim”. The question is, how far into realism will the designers go? It seems we will find out Soon(tm). Check out the Official War Thunder Site if you want to give the game a go!

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