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Did you ever feel like grabbing a claymore and cleaving your friends, in a friendly manner, in half? Perhaps you wanted to remind Knights why riding on horseback does not save them from a bolt to the head? Maybe you just want to experience some intense medieval combat, using all manner of weapons and techniques to defeat your opponents in style? This, and much more in War of the Roses! While we wait for the full release, why not try signing up for the Beta and help in ironing out the game?

War of the Roses

“I see the Beta approaching.”

What is War of the Roses?

War of the Roses is a Multiplayer inclined Action game, where two teams clash over supremacy in the field of battle. Being set in the period of the War of the Roses you will have Knights and Peasant facing each other, both on horseback and on foot. What makes this game special? Your character is steadily upgraded, by yourself, as you progress from battle to battle. You will unlock different upgrades and content for your warrior, starting as a peasant, and finishing on a Knight… who will most likely die from an arrow to the… eye.

Melee combat is what War of the Roses is all about. Stabbing, punching, blunting, piercing and (who knows?) burning you opponents. Actual fighting was not a Gentleman’s affair. If you wanted somebody dead you would hammer at their helmet, if the need arose. You did not wait politely for somebody to turn your way, so that you may start a civilized boxing match… so I imagine a lot of players will feel at home here.

Aside from the promised rich Multiplayer there will also be a Singleplayer campaign, allowing the player to still unlock more content and upgrades for his knight, to be later used in Multiplayer.

You might not have machineguns, nukes or tanks, but honestly, how long can you persist on the same diet? Try something different, and I think the Medieval times might be just the thing to make you realize that there is something more in the world than modern warfare.

How do I sign up?

The first step is to visit the Beta Sign-Up page, and state two details (those being your Steam Username and E-mail). You will then receive a special referal URL which can be used by your friends (or enemies) to sign up for the Beta through. If five friends (or enemies) do so, you will have guaranteed access to the Beta.

That’s all, in terms of the details, since we do not know much more ourselves. If we are able, we shall storm the Paradox castle, and loot access to the Beta so that we can grant you some more details on what awaits you.

Good luck!

Alex “WriterX” Bielski

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