Viscera Cleanup Detail – I’m a Space Janitor!

Sitting in my room, with no way of cooling myself, makes me dream of distant places, far far away from the scorching sun. In an attempt to escape the summer lull I headed into space. As it turns out trying to fly even to the next planet costs an arm and a leg so after being stranded on Mars I got a job offer as a Space Janitor. I thought it can’t be anything too difficult, I thought I will just have to do the usual mopping and cleaning… how wrong I was. Welcome to Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

I might not know better, but that must had been one hell of a freak accident.

Viscera Cleanup Detail – The Other Side of Gore

Viscera Cleanup Detail puts you in the galoshes of a Space Janitor. According to the game’s description the colony/station that you are tasked with cleaning up was a scene for a major clash between the survivors and some unknown alien species. Fast forward a few days after the climactic and epic victory… and we have you. Your task is to cleanup the mess left behind the entire conflict… Yay?

While it might not sound like the most ambitious of games I have a feeling it will show us the “reverse” side of Sci-Fi. In the current Alpha Demo you get to walk around, mop the blood off walls, floors and ceilings, and gather bullet casings and body parts in order to burn them. It might feel somewhat detached, here you are walking down a corridor filled with bullet casings, or you walk into a darker corridor and fine the remains of some poor unlucky crew member. You want to ask yourself the question, “What happened here?” but so far there are no clear answers to that.

In it’s current state the Demo allows us to sample what is coming toward us. My expectations are somewhat high, since the longer I think about being a Space Janitor on a recently “liberated” station the more things I add to the formula. For example, you know how in all Horror Sci-Fi games there are flickering lights? Well, you would have to go into all those dark corridors and fix the lighting… then clean up all the corpses left behind. Maybe there could be Audio recordings, scattered around the area, that, in the end, you will have to “clean up”.

A few things remain unknown, as of yet. What will your victory conditions be to progress? Will it be just a single level, or a mini-campaign? What manner of tools will the Space Janitor have at his disposal? See, if we allowed our imagination fly we could have a mop, to clean up blood puddles, as well as a flamethrower to get rid of any alien bio-life/infestation. Just imagine having to clean up a station after Dead Space, or Aliens (Xenomorphs). It would be one hell of a task, and if designed properly absolutely stunning

You can visit the game’s ModDB site to check up on any recent news and download the Alpha demo. It appears to be very well optimized, as I noted it ran very smoothly on my poor laptop. Fair warning though, this will, most likely, last you an hour or two, there is simply not enough content just yet. Furthermore, the game is trying to make it to Steam, so vote for it on Greenlight! In case you need some gameplay videos there are already plenty of them on Youtube.

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