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Today we’ve got a Virtonomics giveaway! For those of you unfamiliar with that Free to Play MMO, it is a business simulator. If you’ve enjoyed Capitalism, Monopoly or games and books from Robert Kiosaki, or enjoy being a businessman, give it a try! You can even earn real money!

Our Virtonomics giveaway:

(also called contest for managers winning pack)

Start your business now! Try and see, how succesful you would be as a businessman

In order to make things a bit easier and give you a bit of a competitive advantage, here is our giveaway. If you subscribe to our newsletter, like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter or StumbleUpon accounts, we will give you 50 000 000$ (and yes, the zeros are fine here). For comparison, in Virtonomics you initially get 5 000 000$ in assets. This should enable you to win the contest for managers – and winning it is a huge advantage later on!

To make it easier for you, here are the magic buttons:


Want more? If you subscribe to at least 3 of these, you will get 300 000 000$. If you subscribe to all: 500 000 000$. Sounds good?

The pool amounts to 20 000 000 000$. I’ll keep this post updated.

Edit: The giveaway has ended

Want to get even more?

We will award additional 2 000 000 000$ to one of the comments on our site. The comment has to be constructive, SPAM gets deleted straight away. The more you comment, the higher your chances are. Only comments posted between 1st and 31st may will be considered.

How to redeem?

Contact me through one of your subscription channels (send pm or use form available here: contact). If you subscribe through 3 or 4 of these, send me your e-mail (in case of e-mail subscription) or account names for other channels. I’ll also need your user name in Virtonomics . Offer is valid only in realm Lien.

Since it is impossible to transfer currency in Virtonomics , players use a small workaround: you will buy 1 000 000 grain for one of the independent suppliers (<1 usd) and set the price to 51 usd. I’ll buy it all from you. If you don’t have cash to buy all the grain needed, we will do that over a couple of rounds (especially in case of higher payouts).

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