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World of Battleships E3 2012 Teaser-Trailer

In case you were not aware of it, aside from World of Tanks, and World of Warplanes there is also World of Battleships slowly swimming to shore (or away from it?) Although we did not have a chance to grasp any in-game screenshots, and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the gameplay we at least have a new Teaser Trailer. By the looks of it, ships of the Empire of Japan getting pounded into fine paste by American planes and ships. That is at least a clear suggestion that both American and Japanese Ships/Planes will be present in the game. I am certain more sides will be added to the conflict, though which exactly? Perhaps the Germans, Italians, French, British? I would not mind a bit of the Soviet fleet either.

I would not say though that the trailer does not reveal anything. One element during the trailer which awoke my attention was a torpedo, swimming toward one of the ships, causing an explosion. Torpedoes were used by surface ships, as well as submarines. Although it could be possible that submarines will be available I would sooner bet than ships will have access to such weapons. This opens up a lot of question about detection of such attacks, countering enemy bombers and much, much more. I cannot rest aside the feeling that World of Battleships will play a lot like Navy Field, in some respects. We will have radio upgrades, gun upgrades, trainable crew, etc. When faced with enemy fighters or bombers there will be AI controlled AA guns, and we might have an option of firing “AA” shells from our main guns. The formula cannot differ much from World of Tanks when it comes to “management”, but I am curious how will the battles themselves play out. Time will tell, for now, onto dramatic music and explosions!

Metro: Last Light – Enter the Metro Video

As it was written in 28 Days Later, “The End if very f*cking nigh.” so too in this Video do we see how the “Metro” was born. A short film with that “special something”. It might not be as touching as the Dead Island Teaser, but you are bound to feel a tremble in your guts as you watch it. Perhaps this is how it looked in Fallout, but since we never had a chance to see the end of the world in Fallout, I find this introduction to the story exceptional. Any of us who played the game (Metro 2033) would know that, unlike in Fallout, there was no hope of survival on the surface. Finally, the eerie music at the end does not only reveal what Metro feels like underground, but also on the surface, as you stumble through the ancient remains and ghosts of the “Old World”.”Armageddon!”

My only small disappointment is how peaceful the people were, while being stopped by a handful of soldiers. All things considered, if you have a few minutes to spare, worth a watch, then another one, and another one…

How to play the Tiger – Video

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. When life gives you an 88mm cannon you turn perfectly functional tanks into wrecks. I recall how in the Beta the Tiger I would be called one of the weakest Heavy tanks in the game. When the Tiger P came out this thought was further reinforced. Why would you play a Tiger I when there are so many better tanks?

As you can see here, one does not simply encounter a Tiger and live to tell the tale.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gameplay Video Part 2

The second part of my Gameplay Video for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. In case you do not know, it’s a fascinating survival horror experience. No guns or weapons, just your wits and the creepiest atmosphere I have felt, thus far. If you call yourself a horror gamer, you must try Amnesia.

The entire Gameplay video from myself shows the first half-hour of the game. Trust me, later on it gets much more scary, and the puzzles are a bit tougher.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gameplay Video – Part 1

My first attempt at Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I tried Justine first, to familiarise myself with the controls a bit… Let me tell you this, if you want a good scare this is the game for you. I played it during the day, and I felt droplets of sweat creeping down my spine.

The game in itself is “easy”. The controls need some getting used to, but the game allows you to “ease in”. The puzzles are not too demanding (so far) and although you can quickly lose your sanity there are enough puzzles to regain it. If you want some more vids of me panicking in Amnesia write down requests below!

Zombie Panic Source Gameplay Video

Hail zombie hunters!

A bit of gameplay from Zombie Panic Source. The first map is an objective style map called zpo_harvest. In harvest the survivors start in a farm-house, where at first they have to survive for as long as possible. After some time they proceed to the basement where they have to blast a passage underground to the next-door barn. Once there, find a key, start the generator and call for help via radio. After more defending, switch on the lights and flee to the APC/Truck waiting outside! Not as easy as it sounds.

The other map is zps_policestation. Unlike in Objective maps, Survival maps expect you to kill off all the zombies, or survive for a certain amount of time. Every killed survivor turns into a zombie and adds one respawn to the zombie pool. Survivors have to be smart, conserve ammo and quickly bolt themselves in somewhere. In the case of the Police Station, it’s hard to find a perfectly safe spot.

Metro 2033 Gameplay Video

The first forty minutes of Metro 2033. The video is choppy, unfortunately, due to my hardware not being powerful enough to handle the pressure. All in all though, I hope to show you at least a bit of this game.

Metro 2033 feels like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but it is a linear game. That does not affect it negatively, however you will not be able to explore the entire Moscow Metro on your own. The beasts seen in the video are not the only foes you will meet in the Metro. After all, we are humanity’s greatest foe…


Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse Gameplay

Stubbs the Zombie is an action game, where you play as Stubbs, a man turned zombie who has a huge thirst for revenge (even if he does not remember about it at first). Story aside, Stubbs is an incredibly fun, if old game. Being an Alpha Zombie, you have a number of powers you can use to defeat your opponents. Your minions are mindless (zombies after all), but when it comes down to it, make perfect shields.

There is plenty of dark humour, mixed with “zombie gore” and some very intriguing mini-games and vehicle sections. It lacks a Multiplayer (for the PC version), but the Singleplayer experience is well worth the money (even if a tad short). Let’s not forget about the soundtrack, which has some great classic hits, mixed in with a modern touch.

This video will show you bits and pieces from the beginning of the game, up to the point where my computer gave up on me and almost choked itself to death. It might be lengthy, but if you want to see some live action, well worth it.

Terraria Basic House Building Guide Video

Thinking about buying Terraria? Or wondering what is needed for an absolutely basic house? Here is a guide to building a simple wooden house. There is much more to building houses than this, when you build more crafting stations.

I prefer building with stone. Although it involves much more digging, stone structures are much more impressive, especially when you later place statues and banners.


No More Room in Hell – Zombie Boxing Video

Hello Zombie Hunters!

Yes, this time we are zombie boxing. How do we do that? Use your fists, duh. Fists are not an effective weapon, nor is it a smart idea to use them constantly. This video does show that under the most critical circumstance you can fight off a zombie unarmed. I was planning on adding some boxing sounds, like a bell, but finding the right sounds was a true torture…