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Magicka: Other Side of the Coin – Live Action Trailer

Some games developers know how to make excellent Videos and Trailers. One of the best examples is Valve, which made some of the most hilarious Trailers and Videos I have ever seen. Paradox is not that far behind, and in the case of the new Live Action Trailer for The Other Side of the Coin, I think they certainly tickled the fancy of many different movie fans. Other Side of the Coin is a new DLC for Magicka, where Alucart and his Necromancers decide on doing what Evil does best… doing some Evil! To be more precise, destroying an Elven settlement. Considering the fact that very few people like Elves (for some reason) perhaps you do not have to be evil to enjoy this DLC?

The DLC will not only have a new, though mildly short, campaign, but also a new Robe for you to use, and four new Challenge Maps. At least now we have an opportunity to play as the bad guys, and destroying things feels just a tiny bit more justifiable! Then again, I presume most of us destroyed everything anyway. Enough about the DLC though! Let us jump to the clip itself. It might be short, but anybody who played Magicka would find in it something from the very start of the game. (Hint: It is a fruit)

Primal Carnage – “Pyro” and “Headbutt Dino” Video

We have some new footage from Primal Carnage. This time we get a glimpse at two different classes/characters, one for the Mercs and one for the Dinos. First we will have an opportunity to see the Pyromaniac, who uses grenades and an awesome Flamethrower-Chainsaw. How come nobody ever thought of combining the Chainsaw with a Flamethrower? I can see such a weapon both in Fallout and Team Fortress (for the Pyro), yet nobody thought it up before! The second character/class is what I call the “Headbutt Dino” (Carnotaurus). I call it the Headbutt Dino for one simple reason. It headbutts everything. In the video you will see it headbutt its way through Mercs with incredible ease.  Its first proper appearance in the video made me laugh, because it rammed into a tightly packed group of survivors, making them fly off in different directions, as if it was a bowling track.

Cooking with Pierre – Grilled Cheese Sandwich in PZ Video

When life gives you Gouda and Bread, you usually go to a store and buy some ham. A cheese sandwich? That seems a little plain. Do not be worried though! We can spice things up a bit, and sizzle the generic cheese sandwich on a frying pan to produce a Grilled Cheese Sandwich… In Project Zomboid.

Making the Cheese Sandwich is very simple. All you have to do is combine Bread and Cheese. If this is not enough you can then combine the Cheese Sandwich with a Frying Pan and Butter in order to make a Uncooked Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

In the current version (0.2.0R) the Cheese Sandwich burns up faster, when cooking, than a zombie in Napalm, so I do not recommend cooking it just yet. Once they have a reasonable cooking time though, they will most likely be worth your time. If the Uncooked version of the meal reduces hunger by 100, then the cooked version should reduce a total of 200. Overall, an excellent and easy to make meal. What else can you make with all that bread? On the other hand, Cheese and Butter have other uses, so this meal is situational.

I just wish I could add some meat to that sandwich…

Cooking with Pierre – Soup in Project Zomboid

There are many types of soup. Each of us will prefer something different. Chicken Soup, Tomato Soup, Turnip Soup, Garlic Soup, etc. When you end up fighting zombies in Project Zomboid, and resources are scarce, you eat what you get. This does not mean you should eat anything! One of the best ways to use up nearly rotten resources is by making yourself some delicious SOUP!

You can make canned soup, but it’s the most basic Soup type available to you. If you have a Free Pot, fill it with water and add random ingredients. Depending on how many ingredients you add you will make a tastier and more interesting soup for your survivor. Not every ingredient is suitable for soup making, so experiment!

Some suggestions: All meats can be used as soup ingredients (Steak, Chicken and Salmon). Vegetables can also be used for soup. Butter and Flour may also be added, if you lack anything else. The end result always stays the same, so it is not important which ingredients you add. Yes, this does mean you could make a Steak Salmon Chicken Stew. No, I have no idea what that tastes like.

Project Zomboid Version R Gameplay Video

It was a dark and stormy night, when I learned version R for Project Zomboid was released for Public Testing. The specific version I speak of is 0.2.0R, which was meant to include the 3D animations, pistols and other goodies. Many have been losing their patience, since the R version was coming along slowly, yet steadily. Today, those who have access to the full version of the game will also have the opportunity to take part in the Public Test of “R”, and see for themselves how things have changed, especially since the last official release.

I was pleasantly surprised, by a lot of things in “R”. The zombies and survivors in Project Zomboid move much more smoothly, and instead of looking like an army of clones the variety is rich enough to make the world feel far more varied. The weapon animations also look great. Seeing you survivor enter a deserted house, armed with a baseball bat, then pushing back an ambushing zombie to finish it off with one more swing has that “Fight or flight” feeling. The combat system rework sets a much more demanding level. You are no longer capable of taking down thirty zombies, at the same time, with a nailed Baseball bat. Taking down a single zombie will be a challenge, especially if you lack a proper weapon.

Company of Heroes 2 – Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer

Recently a new trailer for Company of Heroes 2 was released. Throughout most of it we do not get to observe any in-game action. What we do get is some facts and numbers about the 2nd World War. At first the focus is on the Western Front, where we are told what were the losses for the Americans during D-Day and further. Then we are told of the Eastern Front, and how many more losses they suffered (half a million as opposed to 11 million troops and 15 million civilians). The morale of the trailer is that we should not forget about the sacrifice of those people, to stop the spread of the Axis forces east.

I might not be a qualified historian, but the way the Trailer is presented made it feel more like a Propaganda movie reel than an actual trailer. It is easy to forget about the reasons for such high losses (not all of them were a result of Nazi murder), the fanatical, often blind, devotion to the Soviet Union. I do not mean to make it sound in a negative way, but when I recall the facts that Stalingrad and Leningrad were not evacuated, so that the Red Army soldiers would fight for a “living city”, and not a dead one, speaks a bit of how the leaders viewed the populace.

Team Fortress 2 – Meet the Pyro Video

I loved every single “Meet the” Video that came out about Team Fortress 2. Each one presented the different classes in their own special way. To many the Pyro was the most mysterious of our “Heroes”. He did not speak, there were doubts about his gender, and nobody could honestly look inside that mask and know for certain who the Pyro is. That changed today, sort of. Meet the Pyro video has been released, as part of the “Pyromania Update” for Team Fortress 2. Not only did we get a new Game Mode, but also plenty of new gear for the different classes. So far only two of the three day “reveals” have been made, so we have yet to see what Day 3 will grant us.

Let us jump to the video itself however. The Pyro does not speak much, if at all. Instead we hear a few opinions from his team mates. I shall be frank with all of you, whomever wrote up the idea for Meet the Pyro deserves an actual Cake (not the Lie one). It is both intense in a terrifying way, and hilarious. I honestly did not expect what would happen, since my mind was stuck on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and on top of that we got something which reminded me of the Beatles, My Little Pony and numerous non-descript 70s-80s ideas.

Cooking with Pierre – Broccoli Chicken Casserole in Project Zomboid Video

When you have the time to make yourself a delicious meal, why not make yourself something filling? Among the many meals that would bring happiness to your survivor’s face in Project Zomboid is the Broccoli Chicken Casserole. In order to make it you will have to gather the necessary components which include: Cheese, Chicken, Broccoli and a Roasting Pan. The three foods can be found randomly in Fridges, making it at times difficult to find them all during a single search. The Roasting Pan appears randomly in drawers, and as you might know, this could mean a single Roasting Pan for the entire map, or way too many junk Pans taking up your inventory space.

The Casserole uses up numerous “Early Stage” foods, which makes it a decent choice for a dish, if you have too many fresh foods about to rot. At the same time some of these foods can be used for other dishes, so you might never make a Casserole because you will make yourself a Soup, or Grilled Cheese Sandwich instead. Another problem with the Casserole is that you cannot divide it into portions like you can with the soup. It’s a highly filling one-time meal.

Heroes and Generals – Come Out and Play Video

Hello Commanders and Soldiers! The Reto-Moto Team has released a new Heroes and Generals trailer today, and to be honest, I absolutely love it! Among the actors you will not only see your average “Joe” and “Hans” (among the “Computer Soldiers), but also a rich selection of developers and Community members, all taking part in heated combat. It is an interesting idea, because you have to use a bit of your imagination to cover up the lack of uniforms and weapons, yet it all comes together nicely, including the hilarious “Hellcat Destruction” scene or the final scene (I shall not spoil it for you).

Heroes and Generals

“Let’s get to work.”

Cooking with Pierre – Ramen Noodles in Project Zomboid Video

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk. That does not mean you should start eating unprepared junk food! Follow Pierre’s advice on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, by cooking delicious meals. In this episode, Ramen Noodles in Project Zomboid.

Ramen Noodles are one of the food types you will find, from time to time. They are most often present in cabinets and desks, making a good “addition” to any loot you find. In their raw form they make very mediocre food, so instead of wasting your throat on dry noodles you could make yourself a warm soup (spices not included). All you have to do is find a bowl (plenty of those about), fill it up with water, put the noodles in (combine them) then heat the bowl. You have your instant Super Noodles, ready to put a smile on your face, and fill up your stomach.

Please note, the recording was done in Project Zomboid v. 0.2.0q. The graphics and variables might be different in future versions.