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Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Teaser Trailer

In case you had any doubts whether Five Nights at Freddy’s Creator, Scott Cawthon, was working on the third installment of what was considered one of the scariest games of 2014 then there is now at least some official proof of it. A teaser trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 was released, showing a fragment of the new security room and what we may guess is the Golden Freddy, in a rather terrifying form.

Team Fortress 2 – Expiration Date

Valve never ceases to surprise me with their shenanigans, and this time they hit a jackpot, at least with my funny bone. Expiration Date is a short film that was released on the 17th of June 2014, featuring all of Red Team. The Plot is simple, Red Team return from a successful mission and while resting the Engineer and Medic make a shocking discovery. Apparently the teleporters they used to this point caused massive tumors (this conclusion coming from what happened to bread that was teleported) and that the team had only three days left to live. In between this is a another plot of the Scout trying to ask out Miss Pauling for a date (the Administrator’s assistant) but will he succeed? Who knows?

Team Fortress 2

What does bread have to do with teleporters?

Skallagrim – A Channel About Blades

Once in a while you may find something intriguing on Youtube. Those may be Gameplay Videos, Trailers, Musical channels or perhaps whole movies or television series. Fact of the matter is, when you find one good video you will follow it to its channel and then see what else the creator has to offer. I do not remember how exactly I found Skallagrim but I am glad I did.

Skallagrim is a channel primarily about different blades. It’s not just a show-and-tell channel, filled with unpacking videos, or a series of rants or commentaries about why certain sword are better than others. What hooked me about Skallagrim is how he tackles different topics, in regards to sword-fighting (and not only). While you will find there videos relating to weapon laws, fighting techniques and also commentaries on different (very strange at times) swords Skallagrim also touches on topics that very much relate to Video Games.


That is, most likely, not a kitchen knife.

League of Legends – Teamwork OP

I have been actively playing League of Legends for the past couples of months. Not ranked games, mind you, but normal games (for those who do not play Dota/LoL/HoN, that means non-ranked games, that could be considered “casual”). Even normal games call for a lot of teamwork, individual skill and know-how. Without it there is very little chance of victory. It’s not like playing Co-op vs AI opponents, here you might just solo the entire game. Playing a normal game is just a small step below playing ranked, and the thing is, the higher your level, the tougher your games become. I am almost at level 28 right now and I can feel the pressure during every single game. This is only only because you are somewhat expected to know what you are doing, at this stage, but also because you will start facing players who actually play in ranked games. In other words, things got real, but you might not be fully prepared for them.

Middle of Nowhere – Teaser Trailer

Some time ago I wrote about Middle of Nowhere, an upcoming Horror Survival game that has that Silent Hill feel. A few days ago the first Teaser Trailer was released, showing a bit of the gameplay mechanics, the monsters and the environments. While it is clear that the game is still a work in progress, and on the side of the graphics there is still a need for a lot of polish, I am glad we can take this short glimpse into Middle of Nowhere.

In case you did not read our previous article, or you can’t be bothered with clicking the link, Middle of Nowhere is about Issac, Emily’s father. Emily has been suffering a series of strange nightmares, and has often been found sleep walking, away from the house. In an attempt to find a doctor who could help Emily, Issac drives with her in search of a doctor. They crash, and when Issac awakens he finds Emily missing and he is forced to search the strange world of Middle of Nowhere to find her.

As myself and others have noticed, the game does have a certain Silent Hill feel to it. How far will the developers go with sustaining this, and what will the gameplay be like is yet to be seen. My personal hope is en par of something like Silent Hill, where combat, while present, will not be the focus of the game, and instead it will be the puzzles, evasion and the HORROR that will pull on our strings.

There will be an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Middle of Nowhere, so stay tuned on news about that If you want to learn more about Middle of Nowhere check out their site.

Now, sit back and relax. It is time for the trailer. Do not be prepared for any super-duper CGI. This is some very early gameplay footage (I did find the music to be very good though, there is more of it on their site).

Modern FPS Parodies – “You don’t own the DLC”

We enjoy laughing at modern, realistic, triple A FPS games. They are not terrible in terms of quality but we can agree that certain “elements” of these new FPS games damage rather than improve the industry. While I was trying to cool down in a tub filled with ice blocks I decided to collect a few of the parodies I have watched and enjoyed and decided to report them here, for your enjoyment.


“… My pants are on fire, aren’t they?”

Payday 2: Web Series Compilation

In case you never heard of it before, Payday (and Payday 2) is a game about four criminals performing a number of different Heists. The aim? Money. Everything does not always go according to plan, sometimes a few heads have to roll but from the point of view of the player it’s action packed and FUN! I was a fan of the first Payday. While each level could be similar small things could change each time. The position of the objectives, when and what cops show up. Sometimes you had some influence over how a missions would proceed. You could take the silent approach, or guns blazing. The game was surprisingly good, and with its leveling system you could design the equipment setup that most suited you.

Payday 2

… I just love those masks.

Toy Soldiers Gameplay Video

What is Toy Soldiers? A tower defense game. In theory that is all that there is to it, but in turn we would then ignore the fact that we can take direct control of our turrets and (during some missions) also take control of tanks or planes. Depending on the campaign you choose you might play as the Germans, British, French or “Somewhat Sci-Fi Germans”. The two main campaigns (German and British) have 12 maps each, while the French and Sci-Fi campaigns have only three each (which is a bummer, I wish the French one was longer).

World of Tanks version 8.0 Teaser Trailer revealed

It has not been a week since our last news about a video and discussion on Patch 8.0 for World of Tanks and we already have a teaser trailer! What is so special about it? It showcases the physics. To me that is a priceless experience. Those tanks speeding down slopes, hopping on small “bumps”, smashing into each other in mid-air, and being forced to their side? This is a new level of World of Tanks I was not familiar with. Whether this dream will meet reality we have yet to see, but I have high hopes for version 8.0, and I hope I will not be disappointed.

First glimpse at World of Tanks version 8.0

A lot of games aim at wonderful visuals. When I look at Skyrim I see a beautiful, breath taking environment, even when almost everything wants to kill you. Other games, such as Fallout, Gothic and many, many others provided a great experience, because of the detailed worlds you traveled through. Granted, a beautiful world did not always cover up poor gameplay, a lacking story and other problems. We all can agree though, that we do not mind enjoying an awe inspiring  virtual world, rather than closing our eyes at every turn. Now it is time for World of Tanks to follow this path. With the upcoming version 8.0 a lot of the maps will be changed, to better give off the feeling of a “living” world, rather than just a battlefield.