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Hello Tankers!

Hot news this weekend from Wargaming.net. First of all, details on new upcoming tanks and vehicles. Among them, the Katyusha, Ratte and Panzerwerfer 42. Among other upcoming changes, World of Tanks has revealed a new “Tier Map” for the soviet tanks. There has been some concern about balancing, the Ratte being called “overpowered”. Let us see what our news hounds have discovered on the topic.


The Ratte compared to the E-100

The Ratte (Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte) is considered by some to be more of a Battleship than tank. Using 280mm guns, and a total of 20 crew members, this Tier 12 tank is meant to be an equal rival to upcoming Soviet Object-195 and Hammer tanks. There have been some concerns about the angling of the tank’s main guns, but new tweaks to the game’s physics engine will change all that.

Our inside sources within Wargaming.net have discovered that other nations will also find new tanks at their disposal, to counter the Ratte and Tier 12 Soviet tanks. The French will get the FCM-F1 Prototype tank, as their Tier XI, the Japanese will receive the Yamato. In order to balance out the US lacking any Super-Heavy prototype tanks, US players will have the option of using aircraft during tank battles, to realistically represent US air-domination during WW2.


Looking good!

The upcoming Katyusha and Panzerwerfer 42 Missile vehicles will be able to fire multiple missiles at a time. Suffering from long reload times, they will also have only enough ammunition to perform two full barrages.


What more could you ask for?

 A new game mode will be added, “Bowling”. You could see the sample bowling session in the video above. We are all awaiting more details from the devs! Perhaps new maps to maximize your experience? Bowling Valley? Together with this new game mode, the Devs have already released new Camo types for your tanks, in beautiful Violets and Purples. The new spring look, for your tanks!

French tanks now receive a free “Wine Casket” upgrade, which is used automatically by the crew. It will not only reduce the effectiveness of your crew, and make the tank turn randomly or fire, but also make it harder to hit. Soviet tanks will in turn get free Vodka, which will reduce your main gun’s accuracy, but can be used as emergency diesel fuel for your tanks, increasing their speed.

Lastly, we would wish to post-up the new Soviet tank-tree. Some of these tanks are only recent prototypes, but we are in good faith, that other nations will also have equally extensive tank-trees!

Soviet Tank-tree

Awesome! (click to enlarge)

That is all for today. Stay tuned for more news as more details on patch 7.3 are revealed! See you on the battlefield, in my new Ratte.

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