Twelve Sky 2 Summer Giveaway!

The sun is scorching this year. I am sitting in my swimming shorts with a makeshift pool right next to me, to jump in before I completely melt into a puddle. To say the least, Summer is harsh this year. Imagine what your Twelve Sky 2 characters must be feeling. Would you want to walk around in a full set of metal armor or tight leathers? Did not think so. Take part in the Twelve Sky 2 Summer Giveaway and give your character a pair of shades and a swim suit to cool off during the summer. How to get your Summer Pack? Check below.

Edit: This Giveaway has already ended. :(

Twelve Sky 2

Get a tan, enjoy the sun and those drinks with little umbrellas.

Twelve Sky 2 Summer Giveaway!

How do you take part in the Giveaway? Very simple. Subscribe to any one of our “Channels” (the buttons to do so are beneath) and get in contact with us via Facebook, e-mail or via the “Feedback” at the top. In the message include to which “Channel” you subscribed to, and what username you used (so that we can tell who you are). Also, include the Clan to which your character belongs or belonged to, the reason for this is explained below.

 Depending on the Clan you character belongs to you will get a specific swim suit appropriate for your clan. The Sky Clan has not been omitted and they will also have their own Swimsuit! Now comes the important part. When your character belongs to one of the basic clans include in the message the clan to which your character belongs to. HOWEVER, if your character is a member of the Sky Clan, state to which clan he belonged to BEFORE he joined the Sky Clan.

Also please note, you may only get one such package per account. Asking for more than a single code will be met with Ninja Monkies.

Aside from the swimsuit you will also get a pair of vanity shades, a Level 1 Jo’bul Cape, two Level 1 Pet tickets and four 99 Soul Elixirs. Not only will your warrior have an opportunity to cool off, but the sun won’t blind him and he will have something to drink while fighting (ice cubes not included).

Twelve Sky 2

Take a look at the Swim Suit selection.

Once you have the code in your grasp you have to head off to the Code Redemption Site. Make sure you are logged on, type in the code, and voila! It is as simple as that. Do not wait too long with getting your Giveaway pack though. The Deadline is set to the 31st of July 2012. In the event that something did not work you can try to get in contact with us or MaynGames, and we shall try to find out what went wrong (we do not take any responsibility if your character dislikes your gift!).

As mentioned above. In order to take part in the Giveaway, subscribe to any of our channels (buttons above), and send us a message on Facebook, an e-mail (to or a message via our “Feedback”. Now, enjoy the Summer, relax and get some rest. Just don’t forget to remind all those other clans why yours is the best!

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    I am WolfOfLight of dragon clan and id like the dragon package, please.

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