Twelve Sky 2 Launches New Server

Ever felt like becoming a Martial Artist, without the need to break your own legs and arms? Now is your chance. Twelve Sky 2 is about “you” in Ancient China, taking part in a massive MMO World with rich PvP content, and a Political system influenced by the players themselves. This game might not only give you a chance to try something new, but it is also follows a “light” Eastern style (expect ridiculous fashion choices).

TwelveSky 2

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What is Twelve Sky 2?

The way things work currently is that there will be two Worlds. One Turkish and one English. Each of the servers will use its own language, but during the Summer the two worlds will clash in what is refered to as “Endless War”. The Turkish server will launch on the 9th of May and be called “Orhangazi”, after the 14th Century Ottoman Sultan Orhan. The ruler who managed to greatly expand the borders of his empire, now will try to gain back his rule, in Turkey!

In the game itself the player will be able to choose between three clans (Tiger, Dragon and Snake). Each clan has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Snake clan favours speed and the “elegant” weapons, such as the Katana. The Dragon clan turns to “balance”, and among a few of their weapons of choice is the sword. The Tiger clan bases its philosophy on strength using the spear among a few other weapons. Skills are gained through training, but once you fill up your slots you can only exchange skills using a rare item call the “Book of Clear Fog”.

To celebrate there will be free giveaways for players, which come in two flavours. The Newbie Starter Package and the Veteran Starter Package. What is the difference? The Newbie Starter Package offers you a few basic items to more rapidly gain experience, increase your stats and… gain a pet. Meanwhile the Veteran Starter Package gives you a huge boost forward. You have good gear, jump a whole 145 levels… what can I say? You start from the “top”.

We will post up the details of our site’s giveaway. Meanwhile you can check out Twelve Sky 2, and learn a bit more about this game and its world.

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