Tropico 4: The Industrialist Guide

If you have the Modern Times DLC you will have the “Timeline”. These are planned events that will occur as the game progresses. It is also your cheat sheet, because you can view what will happen next, and prepare for it, or dismiss it. There are however many other random events that could effect you. You have some control over, such as Rebel Attacks (or Bombings), Faulty Ministers, USSR/USA Invasion, etc. Some of them you do not, such as the Economic Crash, Llama Flu, Tsunamis, etc. While you cannot stop certain things from happening you can always ensure a degree of your own safety. Keep good relations with the EU (for Emergency Disaster Funds), keep your own monetary reserve at a certain level, build more than a single Dock (just in case you lose one with ALL your goods about to be exported), do not rely on a single money making structue (if your economy collapses and you have no backup, you will lose), build a fully upgraded weather station (it will minimize any costs from Natural Disasters), and construct a Fire Department (who knows when you will actually need them?).

Take note that sometimes a Nation might propose to give you a Blueprint for a structure, if you sell them a certain amount of a good. Such quests are very useful, because you get rid of the blueprint research cost, but do not accept such a quest if you do not plan on pulling through with it. You can only have five quests at a time, so if you clog yourself up you might be unable to take one you really care about.

Most importantly, keep EVERYBODY happy. The Nations, your People and your Bank Account. If you fail to attend to any of these your plans of grand expansion and profit will crumble before you even begin. Do not be worried about the small bumps, such as a few rebels, criminals, or angry factions. You have to start off by making a few enemies. Keep them in check, and eventually give them what they want. Do not cross the line where they will openly act against you.

If you are looking for a shorter Guide check out our short “10 Tips” Guide for Tropico 4. Expect a “Modern Economy” Guide as well! Good luck on your new Island.

Tropico 4

From a small Village to a huge Metropolis. If you look to the Minimap you will see I started to build a separate City, as I was running out of space for my Commerce and Industry.

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