Tropico 4: The Industrialist Guide

Your Ministry is just as surprisingly useful, assuming you have highly skilled Ministers. Their Intelligence, Courage and Leadership allow you to expect either positive or negative Random Events, such as higher satisfaction with Crime Safety, Free Buildings or higher Export Prices. It might not be your number one priority, but with the Ministers in place (you need to build a Ministry and hire Ministers) you also unlock different Edicts that will help you control the Island. Among the Edicts you also have the “Industrial Ad Campaign” that will increase the prices of your Exported Goods for a certain time.

Tropico 4

When life gives you free coupons you build Lumber Mills.

Your workers are important because they produce you the goods you sell. As such, the higher their skills, the more they produce. In order to have higher skills you need to activate the correct Edicts, as well as provide them with High Schools, Colleges and Grade Schools. Media Buildings with the right mode active can also enhance learning among your Tropicans.

Having good relations with foreign powers will increase the prices of certain exported goods. The Middle East will give you better rates for Oil (not Crude Oil), China will want your Canned Goods. Other nations will bring about other benefits, in case you need Foreign Aid, or a Disaster strikes you.

Synergy and Power

Earlier I stated the example of your Logger Camp, Lumber Mill and Furniture Factory being put closely to one another, to cut down travel times, thus maximizing production. There are other buildings that can benefit your production or prices, thanks to their proximity or Modes. One such example (Customs Office) was already stated. Another similar case is the Horiculture Station that can increase Production or Prices of your different farmed goods. Another prime example is Salt. If you have a Salt Mine (this is a low value resource) you can try building ranches in close proximity to it. This will increase their output by 20%, thus making your Beef/Wool/Cheese sell in bigger quantities. It is always good to observe which buildings can further enhance your Industry (such as, the join benefits of Electronics Factories).

Tropico 4

In just thirteen years my small town expanded to a half-decent city. What will it look like in the future? Look at the very end.

Another thing, not mentioned in the previous chapters, is your need for Power. If you do not have the Modern Times DLC you will only have the Nuclear Power Plant and the “Power Plant” (Gas and Coal). From personal experience I find the Nuclear Power Plant to be EXTREMELY expensive. While it may provide an awful lot of power it is only ever does any good for a huge Economy that needs to expand even further. The basic Power Plant, using either Gas or Coal, can keep your economy alive, but as you expend you will need multiple Power Plants. If you have the Modern Times DLC you have access to Windmills, which can produce 25WA of Power (if situated on a high Cliff) and Solar Power Plants (that can produce MORE power than an ordinary Power Plant, when fully upgraded). The Windmills and Solar Power Plants are sometimes better than your “Messy” cousins, as they produce a lot of power, have a very low upkeep, but a very high entry cost (a fully upgraded Solar Power Plant will cost you 60,000 USD).

The problem with all Power Plants is how much space they take up, so be careful when planning out your power grid, as you may quickly run out of space.

Random Events: The Good and The Bad

You might be an upstart economy, or a Power House, things can still happen, and you will not like them. During my most recent playthrough my small town was washed away by a Tsunami, forcing me to repair a lot of my structures. Even later on when I had a huge Economy I had Volcano Eruptions and a Tornado. Perhaps the most destructive event, financially, was the Economic Crash, which occurred near the end of the game. While I still made a humongous profit I could feel a slight change, maybe because at the time I was focusing a lot on tourism, and not just my Industry.

Tropico 4



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