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What is Toy Soldiers? A tower defense game. In theory that is all that there is to it, but in turn we would then ignore the fact that we can take direct control of our turrets and (during some missions) also take control of tanks or planes. Depending on the campaign you choose you might play as the Germans, British, French or “Somewhat Sci-Fi Germans”. The two main campaigns (German and British) have 12 maps each, while the French and Sci-Fi campaigns have only three each (which is a bummer, I wish the French one was longer).

At your disposal you have five different turrets and four different vehicles. The turrets may be upgraded to make them even more deadly, and each turret type excels only in specific tasks. So, a fully upgraded anti-infantry gun will defeat hundreds of enemy infantry, but against tanks? Barely dent them.

Since it is an X-Box port the vehicle sections are a bit rusty. An additional problem is the camera position, often making it difficult to look forward. The planes suffer from a similar problem, though if you had an X-Box pad you would have far better control.

There is some humor hidden on each of the levels, and while the game does not contain any blood or gore there is something incredibly creepy when you see the shower of mechanical parts and bodies exploding from your howitzer shot. Although there is a “story” (jumping through the World War 1 timeline) you do not follow any characters. It’s a Tower Defense game with RTS elements, and it is very good at what it does. If you need the challenge you can try harder game modes, including Elite where you are a one man army, having to control all your turrets by yourself.

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