Top Ten PS1 Games to Revisit for the Summer

Released in 1995, the original PlayStation is certainly dated by today’s standards. You’re more likely to find it in yard sales than electronics shops. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The PlayStation hit the market before video game publishers had aggregated into major conglomerates, making for a wealth of individual developing groups, all of whom had the capacity to publish games for the PlayStation thanks to the fact that it was the first successful console to employ compact discs instead of chipsets. Previously the cartridge into which a game’s chipset was loaded had to be licensed by the console’s creator, creating a pinch point that prevented independent game developers from getting their games out to the average consumer. Perhaps then this is why we see so much creativity in Playstation titles, and while there is no doubt that everyone has their personal favorites, here are ten sure winners to get back to while we wait for the industry to release its line of Fall titles.

Top Ten PS1 Games for the Summer

10. Robo Pit

Robo Pit

A 1996 release from the same people who brought you Crash Bandicoot. It’s simple: you pick a robot body, legs, and weapons for arms. Then you fight another robot in a square arena for ranking and the possession of your enemy’s parts. Two bots enter, one bot leaves! The graphics are plain, and the music is non-existant, but the gameplay is enjoyable and the variety of weapons and tactics employed keeps you on your toes. Or you can play with a friend until one of you gets pissed off and stops talking to the other, just like every one-on-one fighting game on the planet.

9. Gex


You play as a gecko finally out on his own; a spoiled child who inherited a fortune and, like any other TV addict, bought the world’s largest TV and parked yourself in front of it for days, weeks, possibly months—who knows when day and night cease to matter? Gex is then sucked into the Media Dimension by its overlord Rez, who is intent on using Gex as a toe-hold into our world in order to dominate it. But Gex has his own ideas. Stuck inside a macrocosm of television entertainment, he’s in his element, and uses his knowledge of his environment to turn on his captor. Solid one-liners, cartoony graphics, innovative platforming elements, and strongly thematic levels makes Gex stand out from the other myriad platformers that dropped for the PlayStation.

8. N2O


The PlayStation’s tribute to the acid trip. It’s a tunnel shooter employing the novel idea that it’s the tunnel that moves and one of three ships of your choosing remains stationary. This is accompanied by an entire soundtrack written and performed by The Crystal Method which can be played on any stereo as well. From a psychological perspective, the slowly increasing level of difficulty, calming soundtrack, and flowing colors induce a powerful sense of cognitive flow, allowing a gamer to enter The Zone for hours on end, making for both an entertaining and addictive experience that you’d think would’ve come around sooner considering its inherent simplicity.


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