Top 10 Most Marketable Video Game Trailers

2. Rome: Total War 2

Rome: Total War 2 gets the HBO makeover with a live-action trailer that combines bloodshed, sex, and betrayal. So, you know, it sure as hell gets your attention, but what relation it has to a strategy video game is anybody’s guess. Probably a start on the novelization of the series, what with news coming to us that author David Gibbins has been tasked with releasing the first of a book series to match the release of the game in October 2013. There is something to be said for cross-medium franchises these days, and while crossovers such as Defiance haven’t worked out too well so far, it could theoretically change how gaming works if someone who actually knew what they were doing got their hand in it.

1. Titanfall

Titanfall is the upcoming highly-valued first person mecha shooter produced by Respawn Entertainment, a relative new kid on the block made up of all the guys that Activision screwed out of paychecks an proprietary rights over the CoD: Modern Warfare series. It’s clear they’re taking their expertise to new places by combining mechs, which have thus far been either novelties or had extremely limiting control schemes, with first-person shooting elements that they helped pioneer and fine tune. The opening feeling is one of mourning as a man stands over the cairn which ostensibly contains his deceased wife. Rather than an 80s style hyperviolent story which would use that as anger and justification for revenge, the protagonist apologizes to his wife’s grave for having to do what he thinks is right, even though that means going back on his word and making war. The difference here is not that he’s apologetic about it, but that he knows he will be branded not a hero but a villain, labeled a terrorist by a propagandist state. I am continually amazed how games which take years to be developed can so often manage a commentary on current events, particularly the modern-day witchhunt in the US that the word terrorist has engendered. In the face of that, we are left with a sense of rising purpose, in fighting for what’s right, and hoping that what you think is right really is right.


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