Top 10 Most Marketable Video Game Trailers

4. Saint’s Row: The Third

Start with a catchy song that encompasses the nastiness and excess of American pop street culture, throw in some posturing, and kick right into a gunfight introducing the key players of the open-world series. Show they’re up against impossible odds, then let the viewer’s imagination run wild. They could’ve gone the whacky route and show the over-the-top mayhem that the Saint’s Row series is known for, but by playing it close to the vest they kept it mature and serious enough to be approachable by newcomers to the series while still offering a nod to longtime fans with a few familiar faces. That’s how the saints roll. Should be interesting to see how the series has changed now that THQ has passed away and it’s changed hands.

3. Left 4 Dead 2

This trailer represents the series to a T. First there’s the calm before the storm where our protagonists get their bearings, arm up, and express themselves in the backwoods and haphazard fashion one tends to expect of the American rural South. Then the comfortable banjo music kicks into a swamp rock piece as they abruptly start fighting zombies with a combination of brutal industrial tools and small arms fire. We’re quite happy to go along with the ride, but something is off, and that’s when we realize our protagonists are not having it their own way. It emphasizes that none of them is to themselves an island, and only by working together do they survive. But their plans go awry. Evac doesn’t come. They keep taking hard knocks, their weapons and ammunition start to deplete, and they’re facing a shitstorm like nothing they’ve ever known. But they’ve made it this far. They’re not going to give up and die now. Because ‘Murica!


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