Top 10 Most Marketable Video Game Trailers

7. Assassin’s Creed 2 

The visual spectacle of high-definition realism in 15th century Venice during the height of carnivale just sucks the viewer in, inviting him to watch again and again to catch all the varied details he missed the first few times around. And even if the viewer were unfamiliar with the series, the actions presented do a sufficient job to established the warring Assassin and Templar factions while giving us some idea of who we should be rooting for. The combat scene is perhaps less fluid than it could’ve been in its choreography, and it took too long for the premise to be established, inviting some of the more impatient viewers to boredom before the big payoff.

6. Starcraft 2

Again, this is a trailer that it helps to have some knowledge of the series to get the little in-joke. A hulking brute smoking a stogie and in prison garb and manacles walks unhurriedly into a heavily mechanized room. A computer pulls up his stats, he’s paroled, and then he steps into a set of heavy boots. Armatures extend from the walls and piece by piece lock him into a suit of power armor, revealing him to be a Terran Marine just put onto active duty. His final lines, “Hell, it’s about time” before his visor snaps shut is a hilarious dig at developer Blizzard, who took some twelve years to produce the sequel to their wildly successful sci-fi RTS. For fans of the series, it’s an unhurried confirmation of what they’ve been yearning for all the way into their adult lives. For newcomers it’s eye candy that gets across that someone is girding for war but comes up flush on details.

5. The Last of Us

The Last of Us’s trailer does three things almost immediately. It presents a long shot of a derelict, decrepit city to show the power’s out and the population has been decimated. It presents Joel our protector and Ellie the girl who he’s been charged to watch. It tells us that Ellie is special and represents the future of humanity. It then presents the two dangers: zombie-like creatures created by a rampant fungal infection, and humans, who have taken to preying upon one another for survival and their own sadistic ends. We then have a montage to a soulful dirge that imparts to the viewer the violence that has become endemic to the planet and both the physical and mental effort required simply to stay alive. Finally, we walk away with the realization that there are no shining paragons, there are no heroes who’ve been training their whole lives for just such a scenario. There’s just people thrown into extraordinary circumstances; some will stand and some will fall. A sobering experience to be sure.


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