Top 10 Most Heroic Racks of Gaming

2. Ophelia from Brutal Legend


Ophelia’s character in the Age of Metal acts as a love interest to the protagonist, Eddie, a foil that’s used against him, and a powerful force for change in her own right. Her physical design is unique in that it’s not all that different from a young woman you might see attending a heavy metal concert (if you’re lucky) and that possibly attainable girl-next-door works well to keep the player’s interest because it gives the illusion of reality. Her character is suitably troubled to appeal to the bleeding hearts among us, what with her parents having fought on the losing side of a rebellion and she having to deal with the lifelong fallout from their decision. Eddie is presented as her redeemer, but like the Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, her heart ends up being broken and in her grief she makes a terrible decision that comes back to haunt Eddie. Pretty deep for a game about heavy metal featuring the voice of Jack Black, huh?

1. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

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Come on, what else were you expecting? What other video game character is so devoted to giving players an eyeful that she risked hypothermia in freezing rain and driving snow in nothing but torn jeans and a wifebeater T-shirt? While Lara may not have been the first to entice gamers with the promise of an eyeful, she was certainly the most successful at it from the start. And though her development at times has been a bit rocky, she’s back on top as the enduring, hardass survivalist who singlehandedly destroys the population of a hostile island as well as its murderous supernatural inhabitants. Too bad her efforts to elucidate and preserve historical treasures invariably end with a massive body count and the destruction of whatever she was studying. She’s got to be the worst archaeologist on the planet, but as long as we’ve got violence and sex appeal to entertain us, what the hell do we care?


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