The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Soldiers.

The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Soldiers.

Those who have played RO1 before would know about the different classes in RO2. Those who have never played RO1 or RO2 mind find all the different classes and their importance on the field somewhat baffling. In consequence a specific class might be wrongly used or people lacking experience might not know how to use it properly. With this relatively short guide you will get some insight as to how you use the different classes and at least have a general idea of your abilities and possibilities. So read on, and fear not! Stalingrad will look friendlier by an ounce after you are done.

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The “Soldiers”.


Whether you are playing as the Soviet or as the Axis the Rifleman will be the one class most openly available to you, and usually with enough slots open to fit the entire team in. However, the rifleman is not the easiest class to play, depending on the experience of the opposing team and map type. Your bolt-action rifle has a low rate of fire and if you are not a good shot, or the conditions were unfavorable you will wake up pumped full of lead in the mortuary. Let us talk about the basics however. As a Rifleman your basic gear is your bolt-action rifle, usually two grenades and on some maps and servers a pistol. Your Bolt-action rifle might be slow, since you have to reload after each shot but it is highly accurate. Best suited on the defensive, if you hide yourself in a dark corner with a good wide view you can essentially be a sniper without a scope. In bottlenecks or doorways you can easily stop incoming enemy troops one shot at a time. On the attack you can use your grenades to force out enemy troops from hiding, as well as use your rifle as a club, or later use the bayonet to impale them.

Although you are of good quality in distance fighting, or up close if you get the drop on somebody with your bayonet, the rifleman has numerous weaknesses which are often clear from the very start. As mentioned twice already, you have a low rate of fire, this translates into two problems. When a whole group of enemies attacks from a distance you will at best take down one or two before they hide. Up close this mean that you will most likely fire once then be forced into a melee, assuming the enemy does not have an automatic weapon himself. On the upside, you will never run out of ammunition, since your ammo consumption is very low. Grenades will be an issue as they often get used up too quickly.

Open fields is what you are after, and somewhere to hide in. Enclosed spaces are good for melee but a lot of the time you will be out gunned by sub machine guns or semi-automatic rifles. Remember about your grenades and if you find an enemy who did not spot you aim first then shoot. If you shoot from the hip and miss the enemy might notice you in which case, au revoir!

-Decent Melee (with Bayonet)
-You are the lowliest of the low, learn the game with this class!
-If you vet this class, and have a decent connection and aim, you might be the next Vasilli!

-Low Rate of Fire
-Terrible at close range
-You are often expendable

Assault Trooper

Assault trooper - Red Orchestra 2

Assault trooper

One of the most hogged classes in RO2. This is for one simple reason, the sub machine gun (and later, Assault Rifle). The Axis trooper has access to the MP40 and the MkB 42. The Soviets in turn have access to the PPSH and AVT-40. What makes sub machine guns so special? In the case of the Axis it has relative medium to long range accuracy, while in the case of the soviets very high rate of fire. A lot of people enjoy sitting back and firing away at incoming enemies, much like what the LMG should be doing. The Assault Class has one thing in mind, and that is of course attacking. Whether you are storming a building, ruins, or clearing rooms the Assault Trooper is meant to be at the fore front of all that.

Each of the weapons at the disposal of the Assault Trooper differs in use, strengths and weaknesses. The MP40 is a decent weapon, accurate up close and even up to long ranges when using single shot or highly controlled bursts, best suited for medium ranges. The MkB 42 appears to be more accurate than the MP40, with the option of firing single shots if you press the trigger lightly enough, it can perform equally well up close, and the addition of the bayonet makes it more practical in close combat than the MP40. The PPSH is wild and unruly when shot from the hip. Once you start spraying without so much as trying to aim there is a solid chance your target will still be alive, and you will be out of ammunition. When stable, or in enclosed spaces it is deadly, since the high rate of fire is almost impossible to dodge at close ranges. The AVT-40 “looks” like the SVT-40, but in fact it feels more like a PPSH in rifle form. It does appear to have some substantial weaknesses due to that. Since it is as “wild” you need something to support it on, or anything at medium to long ranges will be un-targetable. Even up close the recoil appears to be harsher than that of the PPSH. To add to the misery of it all, its clip is much smaller compared to that of the other “subs”, unless it simply uses its ammo clip that much faster.

Aside from the wide range of primary weapons your other key weapon are grenades which allow you to clear rooms and fortifications with one well placed throw. In a group with other Assault Troopers where some chuck grenades and others wait for fleeing enemies the typhoon of lead is not something that can be ignored. Some maps will be easier for this class, especially the Soviet Assault Troopers, while others will be equally unforgiving for either side. Remember though, when facing hidden enemy troops your shots can pass through certain forms of cover. Most of the time wooden tables, window frames, or wooden wall/plank can be shot through mildly easily. Not every shot will pass through it but if you are certain somebody is hiding your primary weapons are the way to go. On some maps your shots can even pass through walls, as long as they are thin enough. Hold that in mind.
-Full-Auto fire!
-Normally quick rate of fire.
-Perfectly suited for attacking as well as ambushing.

-Eats through ammunition rapidly.
-Few Class Slots available
-Lack of experience with Sub Machine guns will bite back at you.


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  1. twat says:

    You guys don’t even realize that Mkb has semi-auto, and so does AVT and Ppsh, which makes AVT especially more useful since it has a scope at lvl50, which you forgot to mention also.

  2. Alex says:

    As an experienced MG guy, I guarantee you the Machine Gun is amazing for assault, as long as you learned how to hip fire it properly, you can just run around clearing rooms like the Terminator. In my opinion its the only downside as far as realism goes. But it is great for long range sniping (with bipod), setting up kill zones, running around hip firing.

    • WriterX says:

      I have to agree with you there. While I was never any good with hip-firing firing single shots with the bipod on would shock the snipers themselves, who would think their positions were well hidden.

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