The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Officers and Tanks.

The Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Guide to the Classes. The Officers and Tanks.

Welcome to the second part of the guide for RO2. This time we will talk about the officer classes as well as the classes for the tanks. Want to find the full collection of our RO2 Guides? Follow this LINK!

The “Officers”

Squad Leader

Squad Leader - Red Orchestra 2

Squad Leader

Your Sergeant. Armed with either an MP40/PPSH or SVT/G41. Usually with one or two Smoke Grenades as well as two HE grenades. You lead your men from the front, providing smoke cover when advancing and additional fire power with your primary weapon and grenades. Your binoculars might not be much of a weapon, but you can help your Commander by providing Artillery coordinates for accurate fire, when he cannot mark them himself.

Cooperation between you, your men and the commander is crucial for victory. Smoke Grenades often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Throw them in front of enemy positions to blind them. You should only ever throw the grenades on your half of the map if the enemy can fire at you from some higher location (for example, during Grain Elevator) and as such not let you leave your spawn point safely. Your other key instrument, as mentioned already, are your binoculars. With them you can get a good idea of what is in front of you, as well as provide artillery coordinates. However, if you tried marking an area too close to your or the enemy’s spawn the marker will not appear on the Commander’s map. Stay in touch with him in order to know whether your marker showed up at all. Be careful when marking as sometimes your “Binos” could hit a column or window frame right in front of you marking your exact position. Sometimes when marking a position, especially when you try doing so on some fixed object, like a carriage it could turn out the object is further than expected, or the Bino mark could pass through it.

Of course, you could play the Squad Leader class as another Assault Trooper, with Smoke grenades, but it is useful to provide your Commander with Arty coods, since it makes your life easier and could bring your team closer to victory. If you for whatever reason refuse to provide coods, or you do not feel experienced enough to do so use your Smoke grenades to provide cover. Remember, you have a limited number of them, so if you run out find an Ammo dump, or pick up grenades from other dead officers. They are usually properly marked so it is unlikely you can pick up the wrong type of grenade.

-You are essential for any advance to work
-You have a good choice of primary weapons

-Very easy to fail at teamwork


You have the nicest hat of all, at least when playing as the Axis. Your tools do not differ at all from what the Squad Leader can have (occasionally, you will have a pistol) but you will have access to the radio. The Radio is your tool to call in Recon Planes, Reinforcement Waves and different off-map strikes. When using a radio you will see the game map on one side and your “powers” to the right, as well as the list of people waiting to respawn with the respawn timer on the left. Any marked arty positions will show up as big “dots” on your map, and together with the use of a Recon Plane you can decide whether the provided position is sensible, or not. Recon Planes do not see units hidden inside buildings and your own tanks will be marked as “Spotted Armour”, so be careful when overreacting that a tank is dangerously close to your spawn.

Reinforcement Waves allow all those dead to respawn immediately in Territory games. During Countdown rounds this is the way the attacking team can “summon” next waves, but do note you have a limited number of waves available. During Territory games be wary of using a Wave when there are very few people waiting to respawn or when their respawn timers are low, it will be a Wave wasted. In terms of off-map strikes you have three to choose from. Mortars, Artillery and Rocket Artillery. Each one is more destructive than the next. For example Mortars are best suited against infantry in the open or heavily damaged buildings. Artillery strikes can destroy certain buildings or types of cover much more effectively than the Mortars, as well as destroy tanks if a round hits directly on top of it. Rocker Artillery is all that, plus a bit more. When deciding which type of bombardment to use on a position note how much time you have till the end of the round, what are you about to bomb, and whether you will have enough time to use another artillery strike later. The Off-Maps recharge but depending on which one you use the recharge times can last from three minutes to even eight minutes. So, you can either land a few well placed Mortar strikes on enemy infantry, or waste a lot of time on a miss-fired rocket artillery strike. In relation to Mortars and Artillery, the Artillery strikes appear to last longer, so it’s an effective method of cutting off an enemy’s path for about a minute or more. Whichever strike you use do note that enemies could still survive it if they use cover.

If your Squad Leaders do not provide any coordinates and it is up to you to mark your own targets when faced with a choice target bottlenecks the enemy might use, or place artillery strikes directly in front or behind a victory point, depending on whether you are the defender or attacker. You can verify where your strike will land quickly by opening up your map each time you use the Binoculars. This way you can also use Reinforcement Waves, without the need of a radio. In terms of importance the Commander is one of the key elements of any team. A competent commander can tip the balance when defending or attacking with precise use of artillery, sending important information to your team mates on enemy focus points, or reinforcing your team with a quick respawn allowing you to quickly cap or defend a point. At the same time it is very easy to be a poor commander, and instead of using your given powers act as an Assault Trooper, in which case, are you sure you bought the right game?

-Same as in the case of the Squad Leader

-There are a few SLs, there is only one Commander. If you fail at teamwork be prepared for a lot of rage from your team.

The Tankers

We will now look at the classes which you can select. For a more complete guide see the guide on driving tanks in RO2 HERE.


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