The Legend of the Lone Wolves

A lot of multiplayer games expect you to cooperate. Teamwork, Teamplay, Team Effort, anything else leads to a crushing defeat. Yet, is this always the case? In my memory rest the examples of individuals, not teams, that managed to achieve far more than any Teamwork could ever hope. Yet, I do not speak of the “Campers” or “Noobs”, who refuse to complete objectives, sabotage the team or fail to completely grasp the essence of the game. I am thinking of people to whom I refer to as the “Lone Wolves”. Players who are not only skilled, but also who, as individuals, through their individual action can make all the difference.

Fallout: New Vegas

“… it feels lonely out here…”

The Legend of the Lone Wolves

Who are these “Lone Wolves”? It is the Sniper who protects the Victory Point or Flag. It is the Lonely Medic or Engineer who nobody ever takes notice of. It is Tank which flanks the enemy alone, yet still manages to make them flee. FPS games are the main, if not only, scope of the “Lone Wolves”, since in few other games can you combine skill and individual action so well. The term, “Lone Wolf” came to my mind when I played different FPS and RPG games. Think of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., or the Fallout series. You might have companions (in the case of Fallout) but you might as well work alone. Companions can sometimes be more trouble than not, and while you sit in wait to spring a perfect ambush said companions could disrupt it.

Sniper Rifles appealed to me in a number of games, even though I could use almost any other weapon. Sniper Rifles are the emblem of a Lone Wolf. Efficiency, not only in terms of accuracy, but also resource consumption. You do not waste time, and when you pull that trigger you know it is a hit. There are moments, I am sure we all went through them, when you wanted an NPC or another player to stay back, because you knew it would cost way more, than if you performed an action alone. I keep having that in No More Room in Hell, during Survival Rounds at least. I can run through a horde of undead, while armed with only a close combat weapon, and either defeat it, or reach a destination. I had moments when the entire team died from zombies, using up all the ammo and firearms, while I was still alive, outside and surrounded by piles of dead undead.

What does it take to be a Lone Wolf? The core is skill. If you lack the abilities to act alone, then you should not attempt it. You have to learn the insides of a game before you master it. Then, the second part is the correct attitude. You have to want to work alone, but not in a force-able sense. Sometimes you just have to know when to grab your weapon, and head out alone. You will tell your team where you are, what are you about to do, and then get to the task at hand.

The problem is one, not every role can be done alone. You might need more medics, more snipers, more engineers, more tanks. I do not suggest you should abandon your team, when the need arises work together to achieve a bigger goal. Know this though, there will always be the one moment when the odds are against you. An average player will despair or rage when his team is dead, or when he is alone. A Lone Wolf will do no such thing. He is used to it after all.

My question to you is, are you a Lone Wolf? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to achieve a goal, when nobody will agree or be able to help you? Do you have the correct mindset to jump behind enemy lines and cause mayhem they will never expect of you? Only you can answer these questions.

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  1. IgorLima says:

    Though i had a lot of partners along those dusty roads,I got to admit I´m a Lone Wolf,nice artycle fella,keep it up!!!

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