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I’m not too fond of flash games–many lack the basic necessities that eventually will congeal into a hearty experience, the most prevalent being character development, storyline, and creativity.  Often times my high expectations fall so very short after playing through a level or two, and I, usually, quit barely half-way into the vexing journey. This time I was surprised with a pleasant tale, one magically told of a girl lost within the confines of a fantastical art gallery.

A lass, none other than our protagonist, Ib, graces the gloomy opening screen; however, the mood isn’t so much damper as it is eerie and hauntingly beautiful, due much in part to the background music. This inaugural tune sets the standard for the remainder of the game’s soundtrack indefinitely.

Without revealing too much right off the bat, this young lady stumbles into another, bizarre world via the exhibits on display, only to find herself alone, frightened, and completely helpless to the guile of the creatures and objects around her. Think of it like Night at the Museum, except, well, the wandering sculptures vie for your blood and the odd paintings have a knack for spitting at you. Yes! Just like that!

Believe me: It gets a lot scarier than this!

Along with the amazing score and intriguing basis for a plot, this game continues to impress through its characters. It’s difficult for most developers to find a way to paint their starlets creatively and warmly, so as to relate each unique personality with the gamers interacting with them.The two main leads, Ib and Gary, could definitely seem like stereotypical knockoffs at first glance, but, after one gets to know the pair on a deeper scale, their complexity shines through without abandon. You’ll find yourself captivated by how desperate both become in an attempt to flee the art gallery, while sympathizing with all the trepidation they face along the way.

What wraps up the collective experience with a shiny, silver bow for me are the tiny nuances that set this game apart from so many others. Don’t expect to see a health bar in Ib, for life is tied directly to roses–death will ensue if you allow the flower to wither by taking too much damage. Humor, too, softens the somber edge of themes like introspection and psychological health. Subtle jokes add a little brightness to this darkness, if you will, and always brought a smile to my face, no matter how dire or frightening the situation at hand was.

Ib is a game you simply cannot afford to pass off as just another linear adventure or skip it because the graphics aren’t up to par with major industry titles (Skyrim, etc.). If you’re looking for a tale of deceit, utter confusion and chaos, ultimately pulled together by the strength of memories and pure emotion, please dive right into this little story. A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet, if you catch my drift!

If you’d like to see what this free-to-play game is all about, check out its main website for all  the information you need concerning Ib and her endeavors.

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