The Amazing Spider-Man is a Short but Solid Adventure Game

The Amazing Spider-Man movie was released recently in theaters and left everybody impressed with its brilliant cast and focus on the comic book tale. The movie broke box office records in the process. The video game however, is yet to achieve the same level of success.

The Amazing Spider-Man

“It’s a man! It’s a Plane! … Oh wait, it’s Spider Man.”

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

The story

The game begins at the Oscorp Industries, where the player gets to take a tour of the entire campsite. The game slowly leads to the city which is filled with deadly man-beasts and is contaminated by a contagious virus. As expected, it is Spider-Man’s duty to save the city along with a little help from new and old friends.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game comes from the developer studio called Beenox. The game has a tie-in with the movie and takes place after the entire series of events in the movie. This is a downside as a major spoiler is delivered for those who play the game without watching the movie.

Game platforms

The game can be played on platforms such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS3, 3DS, PC, iOS and Android. The publisher of the game is Activision and it is classified under the genre of action adventure.

Great job done by the development team

Besides the technicalities and spoiler alerts, the game includes some smart story-telling, which shows that the creative team has done a good job. The foundations and themes are constantly retained in the game but the script is entirely different from the movie. The first thirty minutes is when the premiere plays out after which the players are allowed to correct any mistakes made and swings around Manhattan.

The simple yet fun gameplay mechanic of swinging around Manhattan City is what makes this game more interesting than its movie counter-parts. Beenox has given the players freedom to swing around and visit the entire city of Manhattan. This isn’t possible in the more recent linear installations of the game. Gliding and swinging through the City is fun and exciting. The entire cinematic experience is enhanced by the brilliant camera angles.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Webs or wings? Either is good, but I would like to see both!

New mechanic included

Players can also Web Rush in this game. This is a new mechanic which slows time and allows Spider-Man to travel at faster speeds. Using this feature the player can make Spider-Man hasten towards different spots in much less time. This is another clever inclusion that allows players to change directions and shift their focus from just swinging.

Web Rush is considered to be a brilliant idea included by the development team that can help Spider-Man escape from danger spots while dealing with enemies or fighting huge beasts. The indoor travel is also made smoother and the camera angles are sometimes at awkward positions.

Beenox could have placed the entire game in an outdoor setting instead of emphasizing on the many indoor sections. These are a little clumsy and almost identical to the Batman’s stealth sections. Despite all this, stringing up the bad guys using the spider web is so much more fun than trying to kill them.

The combat system includes all kinds of combat, acrobatics, web specials and slinging. This makes it simple, spectacular and effective. This is a brilliant movie tie-in game of late and the development and the creative team have done an impressive job on it.

The verdict

The Amazing Spider Man is a brilliant movie tie-in game with excellent work from the creative and development team. The combat system includes all kinds of combat, acrobatics, web specials and slinging. This makes it simple, spectacular and effective making it an engaging and impressive game. It definitely deserves 7.5 on a scale of 10.

Pros:Excellent graphics
Newly introduced Web Rush mechanic
Slowing down time feature
Cons:Storyline is slightly repetitive
The bosses aren’t fun to fight with
Repetition of missions
Game producer's website:Beenox
Official website:The Amazing Spider-Man
Game available at:

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