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I loved every single “Meet the” Video that came out about Team Fortress 2. Each one presented the different classes in their own special way. To many the Pyro was the most mysterious of our “Heroes”. He did not speak, there were doubts about his gender, and nobody could honestly look inside that mask and know for certain who the Pyro is. That changed today, sort of. Meet the Pyro video has been released, as part of the “Pyromania Update” for Team Fortress 2. Not only did we get a new Game Mode, but also plenty of new gear for the different classes. So far only two of the three day “reveals” have been made, so we have yet to see what Day 3 will grant us.

Let us jump to the video itself however. The Pyro does not speak much, if at all. Instead we hear a few opinions from his team mates. I shall be frank with all of you, whomever wrote up the idea for Meet the Pyro deserves an actual Cake (not the Lie one). It is both intense in a terrifying way, and hilarious. I honestly did not expect what would happen, since my mind was stuck on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and on top of that we got something which reminded me of the Beatles, My Little Pony and numerous non-descript 70s-80s ideas.

If you have the few minutes to spare, this Video is well worth your time. Not only that, but from the entire selection of Meet the Videos this one appears to be the most polished. I salute the TF2 Team for wrapping up the Red Team in such an incredible way. Now it seems we have to wait for whatever more hilarity will come next. Perhaps a revamp of the Meet the Heavy?

Now, without further stalling, Meet the Pyro! Don’t stand too close, you might lose your brows.

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