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Valve never ceases to surprise me with their shenanigans, and this time they hit a jackpot, at least with my funny bone. Expiration Date is a short film that was released on the 17th of June 2014, featuring all of Red Team. The Plot is simple, Red Team return from a successful mission and while resting the Engineer and Medic make a shocking discovery. Apparently the teleporters they used to this point caused massive tumors (this conclusion coming from what happened to bread that was teleported) and that the team had only three days left to live. In between this is a another plot of the Scout trying to ask out Miss Pauling for a date (the Administrator’s assistant) but will he succeed? Who knows?

Team Fortress 2

What does bread have to do with teleporters?

Valve has produced all manner of great short clips, most of them for Team Fortress 2. We should not forget about the Meet the Team series, that features some great shorts and the fact that all of Valve’s hard work, and the desire of so many to create their own work, lead to the release of Source Film Maker, thanks to which anybody could now use the very same resources and tools Valve had access to to create their own movies. The Saxxy Awards often show the best of these fan made movies and replays, proving that after so many years the community is still strong.

Going back to Expiration Date, some have noticed that one of the characters, the Engineer, appears to sound differently. I could not find any official information but one comment I read regarding this suggested that the original Engineer voice actor had a throat problem and as such could not take part in this project, and was substituted by somebody else. Some characters, like the Heavy, do not appear to have any fresh lines, only recycled ones. The characters who take an active role in this short are the Spy, Medic, Engineer, Scout and Soldier.

In any case, sit back and enjoy!



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