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World of Tanks version 8.0 Teaser Trailer revealed

It has not been a week since our last news about a video and discussion on Patch 8.0 for World of Tanks and we already have a teaser trailer! What is so special about it? It showcases the physics. To me that is a priceless experience. Those tanks speeding down slopes, hopping on small “bumps”, smashing into each other in mid-air, and being forced to their side? This is a new level of World of Tanks I was not familiar with. Whether this dream will meet reality we have yet to see, but I have high hopes for version 8.0, and I hope I will not be disappointed.

First glimpse at World of Tanks version 8.0

A lot of games aim at wonderful visuals. When I look at Skyrim I see a beautiful, breath taking environment, even when almost everything wants to kill you. Other games, such as Fallout, Gothic and many, many others provided a great experience, because of the detailed worlds you traveled through. Granted, a beautiful world did not always cover up poor gameplay, a lacking story and other problems. We all can agree though, that we do not mind enjoying an awe inspiring  virtual world, rather than closing our eyes at every turn. Now it is time for World of Tanks to follow this path. With the upcoming version 8.0 a lot of the maps will be changed, to better give off the feeling of a “living” world, rather than just a battlefield.

World of Tanks 7.5 is here!

World of Tanks 7.5, according to the most recent News Post, is to be released to the public at 10:00 GMT (12:00 CEST), Today (1st August). It will include the infamous Tier X Mediums and Tank Destroyers (Jagd-Panz E-100, Object 268, AMX-50 Foch (155), T110E3, T110E4, E-50 Ausf M, T62-A, M48A1) and a new Light Tank (ELC AMX). Why are they infamous? Many fear they will throw balance into a deep pit and bury it. The current Tier IX Mediums and Tank Destroyers were often extremely harsh to lower Tiers, so meeting a Tier X TD could bring to life the sensation of constantly being “One-Shot-Killed”. On the other hand, I have my belief, and hopes, that just like with any other tank present on the battlefield, these too will have their weak spots which the players will be free to exploit, under the right circumstances.

World of Tanks

They are coming…

World of Tanks – Public Test of Version 7.5

If you wanted to find out what will Version 7.5 of World of Tanks look like, with its infamous Tier X TDs and Medium tanks now you have the opportunity to do so. Starting today, and lasting for an unknown length of time, you will have an opportunity to test a lot of the new content, as well as check out some other changes that are present in this Public Test Version. There has been some re-balancing, but not only of the Higher Tiers, but also of lower tiers. Also, take note that new maps will also be added, called Seaport, Highway and Quiet Beach.

In order to take part in the Public Test you have to visit the official announcement and follow the instructions there. Download the Test client, install it in a separate location to where your main game is, and then patch it up. You will have access to the different tanks you have on your basic account but you will be unable to pass on any experience or credits gained during the test to your main account (you also do not suffer any costs). On top of that you will receive gold in order to experiment with new tanks/equipment, as well as your overall experience and credit income will be higher.

Check below for the full list of changes. Take note, the test servers are a bit sluggish, so if you want to take part in the Public Test you must be mildly patient! While you are testing do not forget to leave some useful comments and point out any bugs or glitches, so that the final release of Version 7.5 will be as good as it can.

List of changes between 7.4 and 7.5 patches:

  • Added 3 new maps: Seaport, Highway, Quiet Beach.
  • Added new tier X medium tanks: Е-50 Ausf.M, Т-62А, M48A1
  • Added new tier X tank destroyers: JagdPz E-100, Object 268, AMX 50 Foch 155, T110E3, T110E4
  • Added new tier V French light tank: ELC AMX
  • Added new tier VIII German tank destroyer: Jagdpanther II
  • The following French light and medium tanks have moved one tier up: AMX 12t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, Lorraine 40t, Bat Chatillon 25t
  • Credit revenue and repair cost rebalanced for some tanks
  • Reworked Match-Making for the majority of vehicles. Now players won’t normally see vehicles of more than two tiers difference to the tier of his/her own vehicle.
  • All experience from elite Ferdinand transferred to Jagdtiger
  • Rebalanced tier II and III tank destroyers
  • After analysing statistical results, we have made some changes:
    • Rebalanced (mainly nerfed) some parameters of the French TD’s and SPG’s added in version 7.4.
    • Rebalanced (mainly buffed) some parameters of the second USSR Heavy Tank line: Т-150, КV-3, КV-4, SТ-1, IS-4.
    • Rebalanced (mainly buffed) some parameters of Tier 10 German Heavy Tanks: E-100 and Maus.
  • Due to the introduction of tier X Medium tanks, the following tier IX vehicles have been rebalanced: E-50, M46 Patton, Т-54.
  • Fixed icon of the AMX 105 AM French SPG.
  • Fixed the name and parameters for the top suspension of the Lorraine 155 51 French SPG.
  • Reworked ‘ZigZag’ camouflage pattern on M18 Hellcat USA TD.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to buy а M24 Chaffee stock engine after selling it.
  • Fixed some errors in the visual models of the following vehicles: AMX AC Mle 1948, ARL 44, IS-8.
  • Changed IS-8 armouring.
  • Fixed errors in armouring of AMX 50 Foch TD.
  • Fixed name of Somua Sau 40 TD.
  • Rebalanced some Soviet medium tanks and tank destroyers:
    • Т-28: F-30 gun removed, tank rebalanced
    • Т-34-85: 100mm D10T gun removed, 85mm D5T-85BM gun improved, V-54K engine added.
    • Т-43: 100mm D10T gun removed, 85mm D5T-85BM gun improved, V-54K engine added.
    • КV-13 rebalanced
    • SU-85: 107mm ZiS-6S gun removed, 85mm D-5S-85BM added, tank rebalanced.
  • Reworked mechanics for shell-shock crew damage with high-explosive rounds
  • Now a hit to an internal module will still deal damage even if the armour wasn’t penetrated.
  • Fixed the ‘We hit them hard’ voice replay when setting an enemy tank on fire.
  • Fixed a bug causing game crash when leaving battle to garage
  • Added support for Vivox voice chat service.
  • Fixed the density of some bushes.  This influences camouflage level.
  • Fixed the WoT symbol not appearing on the white banner in ‘Encounter’ battle mode.
  • Fixed some rare cases of training room chat not being removed once the room is dismissed.
  • Added and reworked some battle hints.
  • Fixed the login screen not displaying correctly when quickly pressing enter after the client loads.
  • Reworked hint pop-up text on buttons in replays;
  • Added option to restore converted XP to the original vehicle by clicking on the vehicle checkbox in the XP exchange window.
  • Fixed the display of damaged modules when watching an ally vehicle in ‘postmortem’ mode.
  • Fixed suspension repair option when using ‘Ctrl + LMB’ click on the image.
  • Fixed a disparity between the actual state of the scrolling buttons and their display in ‘carousel’ of chat channels.
  • Fixed storage of the platoon window in garage.
  • Made some additions to the battle hint window which pops-up when pressing ‘F1′ in battle.
  • Fixed the shortened names of tanks in the battle loading screen.
  • Fixed the position of vehicle icons in historical description.
  • Added a notification for when Premium Account compensation has been made due to server maintenance.
  • Slightly changed mini-map icon colours.
  • Fixed the description and conditions for obtaining Fadin’s medal.
  • Fixed some errors in chat filter.
  • Fixed the display of durability marker over tanks with all crew wounded.
  • Fixed the functionality of ‘Attention to the sector X’ with max-scaled mini-map.
  • Fixed the pop-up hint for mastery badges.
  • Fixed the change of marker colours when toggling ‘alternative colour scheme’ on and off.
  • Fixed the functionality of alternative colour scheme in training rooms.
  • Fixed the description for ‘Ace Tanker’ mastery badge.
  • Fixed the description of some crew skills and perks.
  • Fixed some errors in the interface training.
  • Fixed some places where it is possible to get ‘stuck’ on ‘Wide Park’ map.
  • Added ‘planes in the sky’ environment effect to ‘Airfield’ map.

See you on the battlefield!

Alex “WriterX” Bielski

World of Tanks Patch 7.5 Details

Greetings tankers! Our spies have dug up the early details on the upcoming Patch 7.5 from the Russian World of Tanks site. Despite my hopes we will not be seeing the British tanks just yet, although we will have: Maps, Tanks and Award/Medals. What exactly should we expect? Read on.

World of Tanks

The German answer to everything, even bigger guns.

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Public Test #2

Attention tankers! The new Public Test for Patch 7.4 is live. Starting today and lasting till the 12th of June. There will be slight differences between the 1st Public test and the current one. So if you feel like testing out the new vehicles, contributing to World of Tanks, or anything else for that matter, check the official announcement for installation details.

World of Tanks

Fine tuning the French tanks before their final release.

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Public Test

We are getting very close to the final release of Patch 7.4 for World of Tanks. In case you refuse to wait, why not participate in the Public Test? Not only will you have a chance to see all the new features, but also help the Devs, by providing helpful feedback and comments. After all, World of Tank would not be as great as it is if the world of the people did not influence it, from time to time. Check the official announcement for the details on downloading and installing the test client, or read below.

French D2 Tank

Rapid testing of current and future French tanks is under way. The wine cooling system is better than ever.

World of Tanks: The British are coming

Finally, after a long wait, the British tanks are coming. We do not know when will they appear, but at least we get to see some of them, together with a fancy trailer and a brand new Brit Tank-Tree. Although we do not have any in-game details about these tanks, we can always look to history for some answers, or at least suggestions. Without further stalling, set your mind accordingly, and let us jump head first into the British Tank Tree.

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Game Modes explained

Patch 7.4 holds plenty of promise, not only due to its upgraded French Tank-Tree but also two new game modes and a number of other Premium tanks. In this article I would wish to write about the two new upcoming game modes for Patch 7.4, both of which are currently being tested by the World of Tanks team. Despite their simple ideas I see that a new call for SPGs and tactical thinking will arise. Why? Read on.

World War 2

"And then, we shall attack... here." Source: WWII in Color

World of Tanks celebrates the end of World War 2 (in Europe)

In case you did not know, on the 7th of May 1945 what was left of the Third Reich signed an unconditional surrender treaty with the Allies. This marked the end of the war in Europe and set the playground for the Cold War. Let’s not dwell on history that much and instead focus on what is World of Tanks doing because of this?

World War 2

American and Red Army soldiers meeting at the Elbe in April 1945