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World of Battleships E3 2012 Teaser-Trailer

In case you were not aware of it, aside from World of Tanks, and World of Warplanes there is also World of Battleships slowly swimming to shore (or away from it?) Although we did not have a chance to grasp any in-game screenshots, and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the gameplay we at least have a new Teaser Trailer. By the looks of it, ships of the Empire of Japan getting pounded into fine paste by American planes and ships. That is at least a clear suggestion that both American and Japanese Ships/Planes will be present in the game. I am certain more sides will be added to the conflict, though which exactly? Perhaps the Germans, Italians, French, British? I would not mind a bit of the Soviet fleet either.

I would not say though that the trailer does not reveal anything. One element during the trailer which awoke my attention was a torpedo, swimming toward one of the ships, causing an explosion. Torpedoes were used by surface ships, as well as submarines. Although it could be possible that submarines will be available I would sooner bet than ships will have access to such weapons. This opens up a lot of question about detection of such attacks, countering enemy bombers and much, much more. I cannot rest aside the feeling that World of Battleships will play a lot like Navy Field, in some respects. We will have radio upgrades, gun upgrades, trainable crew, etc. When faced with enemy fighters or bombers there will be AI controlled AA guns, and we might have an option of firing “AA” shells from our main guns. The formula cannot differ much from World of Tanks when it comes to “management”, but I am curious how will the battles themselves play out. Time will tell, for now, onto dramatic music and explosions!