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WarZ is Back on Steam

You can imagine my surprise when I was looking over my Steam page and the very first thing that caught my attention was a recent News Feed from Steam titled, “The WarZ Now Available for Purchase“. Since I was already sitting I could not fall down into my chair and wonder just how short a time-span does Steam think people have? It has been only two months since the WarZ Steam Scandal with false advertisement and right now it is back. The question that crawled on my mind was, “Did anything change?”.


It is back.

WarZ Survival Guide

If you heard of DayZ then you most likely heard of WarZ (and vice versa). Both are great Zombie Survival MMOs (though there is an ever raging discussion as to which one is better). Rather than try to be the judge of that, I would like to focus on something different, in this case, WarZ itself. Like in any zombie survival game, survival in this specific blend of the Zombie Apocalypse will not be as easy as you might wish. Unlike in some other Zombie Survival Games, humans (other players) will pose an even greater threat than the zombies. Combined with your ever present hunger, thirst, and of course the zombies themselves, how do you survive in WarZ? Well, there might be many guides and videos about it, but if you came here, that means that you need a different point of view on the topic, or you feel like reading something a bit longer and conclusive. Well, here you are!


Where do all the DayZ and WarZ Bambis go?