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Tropico 4: Modern Economy Guide

Just like in real-life your Island can adapt to a number of possible “Economic Systems”. We have the “3rd World” Agricultural/Mining/Base Resource Economies, Developing Industrial, and more Modern “Service Based” Economies. Tropico 4 follows a similar idea. You can have an Economy based around Agriculture, Heavy Industry and/or Tourism. Some of these are more profitable than others, depending on your circumstances. However, with the Modern Times DLC you have access to a more “Service” based Economy (not forgetting Tourism, but that’s a different type of Service Provider). This short guide aims at showing how you can boost your existing Economy, slowly switching from Industry and Agriculture into what we would call a “Modern” Economy. There are still many benefits to holding on to your previous income sources, but these “Modern” options allow you to exploit your island further than before.

If you are looking for something different, why not check our short 10 Tip List, or our Guide to Industry?

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Tropico 4: The Industrialist Guide

In Tropico 4, as mentioned in our short “10 Point Guide”, you have a number of different methods to make money. They all boil down to two options however, the “Industry” and Tourism. I have been personally a fan of Industry over Tourism due to having a more steady hand on supply, production and sales. In Tourism while a high Tourism Rating will provide you with the maximum possible number of tourists the revenue can fluctuate quickly, and during periods of certain forms of crisis you may lose a substantial amount of tourists. That is not to say that having a strong Industrial Empire means you are unstoppable. There are Random Event that can, and will, sabotage your production or cut your profits substantially. However, unlike the Tourist industry, the production of goods and raw materials can be easily increased. It is very hard to increase your Tourism income during, let us say, the Llama Flu. This Guide is dedicated to Industry, and its many different aspects.

You might also be interested in our “Modern Economy” Guide, although most of the tips and observations present there come from the Modern Times DLC.

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Just as important as your “Strategy” you also have your President. With the right Feats you can give your Economy a much needed boost.

10 Tips to Rule Effectively in Tropico 4

Tropico. You would think that ruling a Caribbean Paradise is an easy job. All you have to do is sit back in your comfy chair, while soaking some exotic drink, from time to time telling your army to prod the people to work more. It’s far more demanding than that, both in life and in Tropico 4. Tropico 4 is not just about making money, it is also about keeping your people happy, and that is by no means an easy task. Unhappy people mean Revolts and Rebels. A disgruntled Military means a Coup d’etat. A frustrated USA or USSR means invasion. You have to watch out for multiple things, that could mean the difference between your small island’s survival or ultimate downfall.

This short list of tips aims at providing you with some ideas to keep your nation prosperous and happy. It is by no means a full Guide, but if you are stuck, or need the extra push I do hope you will find it here. Looking for something more expansive? We now have a Tropico 4 Guide for Industrialists, as well as one for the Modern Capitalists!

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